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Just wondering how the starting salaries compare for new grads around the countries....if you know what yours are, could you post them please? I am thinking of relocating and am wondering if I can... Read More

  1. by   marilynmom

    Most of you are making more money than I thought! We had just been discussing this so I though I would bump this post up. If anyone is making $20 and up I think that is good cause some of us will not be making that at all (unless doing float, etc).

    Maybe I need to move to Dallas area after I graduate?? Here they only start RNs out at $15.50 an hour, every place else everyone seems to be making $20 an up to start! Paramedics make between $8-$10 an hour! Isn't that crappy? I think Paramedics should get paid the same as nurses since they do such an awesome job. Most here drive beat up cars.

  2. by   marilynmom
    Sign on bonuses here are only $3000, some only pay $1000 for new grads.

  3. by   goober4699
    In philly new grads typically start between $22-26 with a $3-4 difference on nights. I think after 5 years staff nurses plateau to about $40 an hour with cost of living raises per year.