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All you spring graduates... Graduation date? Do you have a job lined up? What department? When do you start? If you don't have a job yet, what department are you hoping for?... Read More

  1. by   Ortho_RN

    Just wanted to share that I am completely jealous.. But this time next semester (Fall) I will be in the same position

    We are already talking about our graduation in December... WOOHOO..

  2. by   missionnurse
    Wuhoo! Let me say it again!!

    Pinning: May 1, 2003
    Graduation: May 2, 2003

    Don't officially have a job yet, but will interview in June for a position in Progressive Cardiac Care Unit/ CCU on nights!!


    Congratulations to us all!!!

  3. by   blondemommy
    Graduate May 16th
    Start work on May 19th
    Three 12 hour days!
  4. by   shunda
    Congratulations!!!!!!!! To everyone!!!!!!!
    May God Continue to Bless Everyone....The hardwork paid off!!!!
  5. by   USA987
    Way to go everyone! It's such a great feeling isn't it. I just want to cry when I think about it.

    My position is 12hr nights too BTW. We did 12 hr shifts for all our clinicals and I think the are great!

    Good luck all!
  6. by   Dublin37
    Though I am feeling a little green with envy I am just finishing up my last pre-req and waiting to get in.
    How cool that you all have jobs. I didn't know you could work in ICU or CCU right out of college, that is sooo great. I thought we'd all have to go med/surg. I'd love to be able to start in on Peds or Neonatal. Are any of you going there?

    Good luck and congrats! Heather
  7. by   USA987

    So far out of a class of 30...we have 3 going to ICU, 2 to Telemetry, 1 to L&D, 1 to NICU, 1 to Peds.

    The opportunities are there. Just make sure you seek out a program that is specifically geared toward the New Grad.

    Best Wishes!
  8. by   RainbowzLPN
    Congrats on everyone graduating & their new jobs!!! I can't wait to post the same stuff when I become an LPN!
  9. by   peaceful2100
    Pinning- May 17th, 2003
    Graduation- May 18th, 2003
    I am starting on a medical-surgical floor although I really really wanted to do something else but right now med-surg is my only option so I will start there. I have been doing my senior capstone there and for the MOST part I like it there. The only thing I hate is the staffatient ratio is NOT a guarantee and the fact that there is a LOT of VRE and MRSA on the floor. Other than that I enjoy it. I will be working the night shift.

    Heather, now days at MOST hospitals new grads can basically start off any where they want.

    In my class out of 38 graduates there will be 5 people starting in OB, 4 people starting in NICU, 5 people starting in ER, 1 starting in Oncology, 8 starting in Pediatrics, 7 starting in ICU areas, 1 starting in OR, and 7 starting in Med-Surg areas and 1 person is trying to start in pharmaceutical sales, he already has a business degree. It is so competitive out there right now in many areas for pharmaceutical sales so he may have a hard time getting a job. So there is a pretty wide range of people starting in various places.

    My hope is to figure out exactly what it is I want to do after I have to do my commitment.

    I really enjoy working with kids so I am thinking of doing pediatrics once I fill my commitment.
  10. by   Cyberdoula
    I have NO idea what the majority of us our planning on doing. There are 41 of us, so that is alot to keep track of. I know 3 of us are going to the same unit. I know several are going to L&D or mother baby care. One of my good friends is going into surgical trauma unit...way cool!

    Pinning May 16
    Start May 19th
    Coronary Care Unit/ICU float
    Start on July 14
  11. by   Angelica
    I graduate May 15th. I had planned to work at the medsurg unit where I was externing, but I would have to start nights and that's just not for me. So I've submitted an application to a LTC facility. My neighbor has worked there since she graduated a couple of years ago, and she likes it. I'll be working 0600 to 1430 five days a week. I'm really excited because I'll be able to pick up my girls every day from school and spend time with them. I want to try to make up for all the times I've had to seclude myself so I could study.
  12. by   Dublin37
    I am so excited for you all, it's great to hear everyone getting great jobs! Once you've got those jobs in, say, NICU or Peds, or OB do they do training from there, or are you just expected to know everything from the RN program?
  13. by   USA987

    Definitely you will receive A LOT more training. Of course they expect you to have some sort of solid knowledge base, but there is A LOT more to learn!