Spring Break...what are you doing??? - page 2

I have spent my week working and studying. :sniff: Nothing fun at all! How sad is that? I just better do well on my tests in a couple weeks for doing all this studying! :lol2:... Read More

  1. by   Rollins
    fishing, golf, yard work, the annual rattlesnake roundup, if i get over my gastroenteritis in time!
  2. by   wonderbee
    Quote from rollins
    fishing, golf, yard work, the annual rattlesnake roundup, if i get over my gastroenteritis in time!
    i know a few snakes down here you can round up when you're feeling better.
  3. by   abundantjoy07
    Well Spring Break is pretty much over (not counting tonight and Sunday). I spent my time back at home forgetting that I was in school.
  4. by   cingulargirl21
    getting 8 hours of sleep.........having picnics with my bets friend, reading cosmo and celeb mags........watching sappy tv shows.............and eating mac and cheese and then riding my exercise bike ofr 30 minutes to undo the damage! Shopping...............and yes, studying! I dont want to fall behind and I feel good when I get my work done!
  5. by   wonderbee
    Last day of spring break. Took the last early morning walk on the beach I'll prolly be taking for a while. Walked in the clear cool surf and combed for interesting sea shells as the sun bathed my body in its warm light. Looked out at the endless horizon and the jeweled calm sea as the boats went this way and that. I could just feel the vasodilating effects

    Then I hit the books.
  6. by   grinnurse
    i am hoping to spend a the first couple of days with my kids b/c we are actually out the same week this year. maybe the zoo , shopping, maybe have some alone time with the hubby , then i get to start studying for a pharm test when we get back the following monday. oh yeah, maybe we can sleep in a little too!!

    six weeks to go!!! hurry may 13!! :hatparty:
  7. by   cingulargirl21
    Today I am reading Med Surg and some OB, fun stuff I am doing today: watching movies and eating brownies and ice cream! Yum!!!! Oh, yeah, I slept late this morning.........mmmmm
  8. by   mariedoreen
    Mine officially began 2 hours ago! Here are my plans for the next two weeks, we go back on the 28th...

    CLEAN MY HOUSE -- getting started on that right after I'm done here!
    get organized for next term
    do the assigned homework (assigned homework between terms, it's depressing...)
    go on vacation for 5 days with the family WITHOUT ONE NURSING BOOK
    and last but not least...

    stay off this computer the entire break!

    we'll see how it goes...
  9. by   lil' girl
    Well I finished all my vocabulary and study guide through the end of the semester, and today I studied. Just can't break the habit. But plan on giving the house a good cleaning, getting tires put on the car, and read a REAL book!!
  10. by   HU_nurse
    Miami Here I Comeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   GPatty
    Technically, our Spring Break just started yesterday.
    I picked up an extra shift at work, and today I am cleaning and running about 40 errands that need done...
    My beautiful granddaughter got to come and stay for a couple days, so I am playing with her and cleaning house.... I also have a couple of tests the day I get back, so I am going to study for them too!
  12. by   Fern22
    I'm taking naps and making smoothies! Yum! I am studying some every day though....................got to stay on top of my reading!