1. Did you guys get enough sleep while in NS. Also did you guys get to pick your schedule?
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  3. by   Katie71275
    That's a no to both of those questions.
    I rarely go to bed before midnight on most nights, even pre clinical days when I need to be up at 5-530am(depending on the commute..might be 4am sometimes!). I may be studying or relaxing, or just cant sleep(I take meds that keep me up at night at times).....HOWEVER, on the weekends, my husband and I trade off catching up on sleep...So on Saturday I sleep late(generally till about 10am) and Sunday he sleeps in. It doesn't always work if we have things to do though.
    We have 4 kids, so not possible to both catch up on sleep at the same time

    As for the schedule, I know many can pick their own schedule, and I guess you can in our program as well, but not your nursing curriculum schedule. You can pick your external classes such as psych, English, Math, etc, but we only have two classes admitted per year(one in the Fall, one in the Spring).
  4. by   JonB04
    Must be an adn program guess ill get use to no sleep I love my sleep =[
  5. by   Stephalump
    I'm not sleeping much, no. And I'm only taking pharmacology online right now. Good luck to me come fall!

    And, yes, we got to pick our own schedule. We all have the same lecture and clinical time, but we got to pick our clinical site and our lab time.
  6. by   caliotter3
    No, when I wasn't in school I was on my commute to school (one and a half hours each way), or I was at my full time job, or I was at one of the part time jobs, or I could have been attending to my kid.
  7. by   firewifeRN
    No sleep!!! Sometimes you are so sleep deprived it will make you cry! I know I have but i got through first level somehow! And here comes second level ... At my school we don't pick our schedules but I heard in 4th level we do so we shall see.
  8. by   JonB04
    Cali your a super mom I don't know how you do it. You should post on my other thread how did you do it
  9. by   caliotter3
    When I was on a roll, I stayed on a roll. But when there was a straw to upset the applecart, well, I think you know the rest. Big hurdles that could throw a monkey wrench or cause it to all come crashing down: the car breaks down, you get not just a cold, but super sick, your kid needs surgery, your kid plays the disappearing act, you get canned from the job that puts food on the table and a roof over your head, etc. I think you get the picture. A lot of required luck, good luck, that is.
  10. by   Mrs.Priss
    Quote from caliotter3
    No, when I wasn't in school I was on my commute to school (one and a half hours each way), or I was at my full time job, or I was at one of the part time jobs, or I could have been attending to my kid.
    My commute will be one and a half hours one way, also! I'm hoping to meet some people that live in my area that I can carpool with. Did you utilize your time while commuting to study? I was thinking about recording important stuff on my iPhone and listening to it on the way to school and back. Any ideas?
  11. by   caliotter3
    Back then, awhile ago, I recorded lectures and listened to them on the tape player in my car. When I started taking the bus at the halfway mark, I would listen to the tapes while sitting on the bus.
  12. by   kaydensmom01
    No sleep, No picking schedule. I had a little more sleep the second semester than the first. The first semester I actually had numerous 2-3 hour nightly sleeps, which was not due to procrastination, it was mainly from clinicals, drugs and care plans. I did not utilize studying in the car most of the time, but know several students that did, I could not concentrate long enough in the car while driving.

    It does get easier when you get basic nursing skills down that you be using for the rest of your nursing career, but still notably less sleep.
  13. by   smoore2014
    I'm not a coffee drinker at all but it sounds like coffee may be my best friend when I start nursing school in August.
  14. by   QuarterLife88
    no and no, but I must say, the farther I get into the program the more sleep I get. Back in first semester I was a nervous nelly who would stay up til 2am stressing out over careplans I didn't know if I was doing correctly. My third semester ends tomorrow. I sleep almost as much now as I did before nursing school and my grades are fine if not better because I learned to chill out. But I also don't have kids or work so I have the time to sleep. YMMV

    Still can't pick my schedule though. If I had it my way I'd be on all afternoons. Waking up at 5am is preposterous to me.