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I did, and only one more to go until I'm officially an RN!!!... Read More

  1. by   BSNRNBC
    Can't believe how fast the first year flew by...finished this past semester with a B. :spin:
    Taking Pharm over the summer..... ....very nervous!
  2. by   tigereyeskp
    Just finished the first year with one left to go!
    I couldn't be more thrilled!
    It really just flew by! I can't believe it!
    There were certainly times when I was afraid I just couldn't do it---
    where I thought the stress, the sleep deprivation, and nerves were gonna do me in,
    but I got through it!!!
  3. by   MLMRN1120
    One down, One more to go! Good Luck everyone!
  4. by   pinkiepie_RN
    This time next year I'll be graduating right on schedule. No summer classes for me but I've taken summer classes the past two summers. I took A&P I freshman year and A&P II last summer. This summer is going to be me working as much as I can, trying to read up so I can take the GREs this fall, and trying not to worry about Peds/Psych for next semester. I can't believe I survived the first year of nursing classes for my BSN program. Yay for us!
  5. by   shoegalRN
    I finished my first year and I'm so happy!

    I'm not counting the summer, so technically, I have 9 more months to go!

    May 2009 HERE I COME!

    I can't wait for this journey to be over!
  6. by   kakykeke
    Right there with you alll!! Finished my first year on May 2!!!!! One down one to go.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    I finished the first year on May 5th, and started the second year on May 20th. It feels like I've been doing this forever!
  8. by   NBMom1225
    Finished 1st year on May 9th...2nd year doesn't start till August! Thank heaven...I really need the break!
  9. by   Dreamer-RN
    I have one year to go! Congratulations everyone!
  10. by   2bRnKim
    Finished my first year last week!! I'm so proud of myself and all of you guys! Hang in there.

  11. by   tachybradyRN
    I also just finished my first year, a 4.0 in first semester and a 4.0 in second. I'm so proud of myself, we all should be, we work so hard! One more year to go!
  12. by   lizzyberry
    Just finished my first year!!!!
  13. by   arcoiris
    One more year left!!!!! It has been a long year but yet it has gone by so fast. I am so everyone.