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my bridal shower ? earlier in the year i posted a thread about me deciding whether to miss clinicals for my wedding or not. needless to say i did push my wedding back to august which is after my... Read More

  1. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    all of you are so right ! i will not miss clinical i'll just be late. my friend is very understanding and i was the one who agreed on the b.s. date. she did the right thing and ran it past me and i chose that date not knowing that it was a clinical day. i'll ask her to do some ice breakers and tell her i may be an hour late. i'll also bring a change of colthes with me and change at the clinical site. thanks guys ! i can't wait for the program and wedding to be over. i'll be going from cap n gown to wedding gown and hopefully a hospital gown ( pregnany) in three years or so. thanks again for allowing me to come to my senses.
  2. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Quote from natingale
    uh yeah

    i think its a good idea to go to clinical

    you have an hour between the 2 events, and jeopardizing graduating for the possibility that you might be late to your shower is getting your priorities twisted

    should i see the patient with a pulse ox of 74 or the patient who is refusing am care

    p r i o r i t i z e
    you're comparing apples to oranges here... this reflects nothing on how i would prioritize my pts. anyway, after reading your posts and the others i've decided its best to be late to my b.s. i never have missed clinicals and i just don't think its in me to do it anyway... thanks again !
  3. by   Mommy2NQ
    I think if your bridal party is throwing you a Bridal shower they should have realized you are in a nursing program and worked around that. It seems early enough they they can reschedule your shower so you do not miss clinicals. You worked too hard to mess up now right?
  4. by   TessaMae
    Why not ask your program advisor?? At my school you can miss clinical under certain circumstances as long as it is less than 10% of the total semester hours. I would think you could run this by your advisor, say your friend planned this as a surprise then heard you talking about having clinicals on such and such a day in July. Nursing instructors can be understanding especially if you go to them a month in advance! Maybe they will let you out a little early, maybe they will say sorry we can't help you out, maybe they will say take the day off and enjoy your will never know unless you ask and if you do it professionally and respect their decision, then you shouldn't have any problems. When you get a job, there are going to be times when things come up and I would honestly think that nursing school - being a prep for the working world is a great time to pactice on how to handle stuff like this. I don't think they can kick you out for nicely and professionally asking in advance. I would not call out sick but why not ask if the school can accommodate you? My bridal shower was planned 6 months in advance, so I would have no way of knowing my schedule. Plus sometimes BS are sometimes a surprise...Good luck!
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  5. by   melmarie23
    I dont know why your shower wasnt planned around your schedule. IMO, thats more than a bit strange that whomever is hosting it isnt making it convenient for the guest of honor.

    I'd politely let the host know that that date and time is of an issue for you and why. No I would not miss clinical for your shower. The shower should be rescheduled.
  6. by   melmarie23
    nm, I just ready that you okay'd the date and time.

    sounds like you maybe jumped the gun a bit, but its good that you made the decision to show up late. Try and see if your gf can call the guests who RSVP'd "yes" and if they are okay with pushing back the shower time by an hour. I think that most people would understand.
  7. by   Isabelle49
    I Agree. You should plan on arriving late. I'm not sure about the program you are in, but 3 missed clinicals where I studied was grounds for dismissal from the program.

  8. by   9livesRN
    ah just make arrangements to leave 2 hours early
  9. by   Daytonite
    excuse me, but isn't the bridal shower a party being given by your friend? it is up to your friend to accommodate your situation and not to other way around. the fact that your circumstances changed and you now have to be at clinicals is not your problem, but hers. she's the hostess of this party, not you. as usual, you are trying to be in charge of things. stop it. this is not your problem. it is hers. why is she not trying to accommodate you? if she were an employee, i'd fire her, give her the bum's rush out the door and have someone else take over as hostess. i'm not saying be nasty, but tell her you have to be at your nursing school clinicals and won't be able to be at the shower until ___ time. end of story. let her figure out how she will deal with it. that is the responsibility of the person who gives the bridal shower. and if she doesn't like that, or gets upset, then she's not a good friend. suggest she come up with a list of party games to keep everyone occupied until you get to the party.

    remember this. . .your nursing school keeps track of your attendance. your first employer will ask for a recommendation about you from the nursing school. one of the things they will ask about is your attendance record. we always asked this of the nursing schools because we didn't want to get stuck with someone who had a bad attendance record. we fired people over bad attendance in several of the jobs i worked. and, in this economy i wouldn't put anything to chance.
  10. by   ghillbert
    Seriously, how is this even a difficult choice?
  11. by   LeesG
    I dont start NS till August, but I already have read the sylabuss and we are only aloud 7 hours of missed clinicals...thats equal to 1 day...thats it ! No questions asked, no excuses, no " My car wouldnt start "
    " BUT MY CHILD WAS SICK !!! " NOTHING...1 day per semester. There is NO WAY I would miss a clinical day for anything other that an emergency.

    I can see that you changed your mind, and that your friend is rearranging things for you, so Im glad it will work out, just wanted to tell you how my school works.

    Good Luck
  12. by   melmarie23
    we have to petition to the board and pay $50/hr to make up, I'd double check your program's policy regarding missed clinical days
  13. by   tiggerdagibit
    Wow. We were allowed to miss 1 or 2 clinical days per semester, depending on if we went once or twice a week. Everyone I know missed those days. If we didn't need them for emergency use during the semester, we took them as skip days at the end. Interesting to see how other schools do things.