Should I let it go?

  1. Today after clinicals my instructor pulled me aside and told me that she had heard a report that while taking vitals I made up a patient's SpO2 because the pulse ox was not working that day. My instructor told me that the charge nurse said that it wasn't the case, and I know it wasn't the case either - because I took the reading, but it really angers me that the CNA would make up this kind of story - jeapordizing my education- when it was his job I was helping him with. Should I ignore it or confront him about it?
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  3. by   hikernurse
    I don't know the situation of the CNA or your clinical, but sometimes I've found that CNA's who want to be in NS and aren't will occasionally pull stuff like that. I've had that happen in clinicals and I've let it go--nurses are smart and observant enough to know what goes on. I've worked as a CNA, too, and I can see that it might be frustrating to see others move ahead when you want to yourself. Not saying this is the case, only what I've noticed.

    I'd be inclined to let it go, the nurse and your instructor believe you and not the CNA. In any event, you didn't make up the SpO2 and now you know who to avoid in further clinicals :-).

    I'm sorry you had this happen to you, though. That's scary and frustrating--at least your CI knows she can depend on you.
  4. by   allthingsbright
    I wouldn't confront it--if you cleared it with your instructor, let it go, but make sure you aren't assigned to that CNA again when you work next.

  5. by   augigi
    You should not confront her about it. Deal with it through your instructor if anything happens in future, but sounds like this situation is taken care of. Just request not to work with her (I'd do it in writing and mention the previous incident so there is written proof). It's better to know who to look out for.
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    If that CNA appears to be out to sabatoge your work, then ask not to be assigned to do care with him. If you can't trust your coworkers, then it's up to school/management to deal with him, not you. If they don't, you fight like hell to make it clear you NEVER make up data, especially when it impacts someone's health.
  7. by   CHATSDALE
    good advise above...always watch your back
  8. by   cherokeesummer
    I agree with everyone else - I would make sure it is clear with the instructor and then ask the instructor if you can be assigned to a different CNA b/c you do not want to have that impacting your experiences.

    Also if the charge nurse is on your side with this they need to themselves talk to the CNA b/c it is unprofessional to make such accusations. There are good ppl out there working as CNA's and one person should not ruin their repuation (same as any profession).
  9. by   Natkat
    I think your instructor would take the word of the charge nurse over the CNA.

    Let it go. You'll have more situations like this in the future so get ready. If you work hard and develop a reputation for being dependable and conscientious it will be harder for people to bring you down with false acusations.
  10. by   BSNtobe2009
    I'm glad the charge nurse backed you up....that was pretty awesome of her.
  11. by   sister--*
    If there is a way to identify pt.'s and to print VS's from the monitor....including SpO2's I'd certainly be doing this and including it with my charts.

    Just have to agree here.....always watch your back.