SEMESTERS HALF OVER!!! how are you all haning in there?

  1. Hi everyone I think It is week 8 out of 14 for us and I am still alive and maybe a little wako j/k. Just want to see how you all are hanging in there. Doing good but school is very hard. Very huge learning curve. Hope I can make it .

    Well every one hang in there 1/2 done and 1/2 to go.
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  3. by   colleennurse
    I am in my 3rd semester out of 4. In our 3rd semester 1/2 the semester is Maternity and 1/2 is Psyche. I just finished Maternity and if the 2nd 1/2 goes by as fast as the 1st half did, then I will be happy! Hope everyone else is hanging in there. I can see the light!!!
  4. by   ICRN2008
    I'm in my first semester of an accelerated program. Yesterday the stress kind of hit me, because I've really fallen behind in the past week. I just have to buckle down this weekend and catch up Only 7 more weeks until winter break!
  5. by   NO1_2NV
    second semester of a four semester program and i am exhausted to say the least. have a week free from clinicals so i am trying to catch up on some reading. this semester has been goolish to say the least! last weekend i crashed and did not even want to get up from the chair i curled up in. it took ever bone in my body and every bit of spirit i had left to get up to study for exams. i keep telling is half over, it is half over, it is half over...wish this half would hurry up!

    hope all are doing well as we head into the final half of this one...

    :melody: just keep on swimming, swimming :melody:
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  6. by   charlies
    I can't wait until winter break. I will put my brain on a shelf for 6 weeks.
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Not in nursing school, but boy is this semester dragging for me. What kills me is having to wait toooooo long to see if I got in.
  8. by   stn2003
    five more weeks of OB to go of my fourth and final ADN semester and I pray to God it goes by fast! I am so sick of my school, and being in school, and all things of school lol. I'm ready to get into my intern position and start preparing for boards!
  9. by   labman
    Hey guys thought I would post again. I am glad everyone is doing good or as good as they can. Remember thanksgiving break is comming up soon . Take care everyone. Keep your head up and you all can do it.
    Thought I would get a word of encouragement. I am learning the hard way. When I took pre-reqs I got A's no problem didn't even have to study much. Now I am in school working as hard as possible and not much free time I am barely pulling off AB's and B's. Remember if you are doing your best don't beat yourself for not getting an A. Be happy with what you got knowing you did your best. The long term of nursing school isn't to get straight A's it is at the end to help someone out and make a difference in other peoples lives.
    Jeez my pep talk probibly stunk haha. Well I tried!
    What I am trying to say is HANG IN THERE EVERYONE!!!
    take care I hope rest of your semester goes well
  10. by   tencat
    Wow, labman, you're sure a chipper chipmunk!

    1 1/2 semesters down, 2 to go! I sure hope I know enough by the time I get to the fourth semester. It's been fun, but wow. I'm one of those annoying people who hate it when they don't get A's, and I'm working my hind end trying to keep B's. But thanks for the encouragement!
  11. by   crb613
    I will be done in MAY!!!:hatparty: I am sooo tired of reading & studying but I am almost there! I can't wait........I just keep saying one day at a time.....and it does go by pretty fast! Good Luck to everyone
  12. by   RNin2007
    Hanging! I am *hanging* in there (choke, choke) heh... isn't this about where it gets poured on real thick and then the last push til finals? Don't remind me
    We are out Dec. 9th, and thank goodness for Thxgiving break. I will need it.

  13. by   LWildman
    I'm in my first semester and I'm struggling to make it to the end of the semester. I'm actually considering picking another major because I just can't seem to catch a break for anything. Hopefully this semster will end up great and I'll have the strength to try for a second semester.
  14. by   AussieTina
    Nearly at the end of 2nd semester of a 3 year RN program. I have my nursing exam on wednesday and then a pharmacology exam on monday (we only have exams at the end of the semester), then clinical for two weeks (we do our clinicals in blocks). Then i am finished for the year :hatparty: except i must be a glutton for punishment as i have signed up to do a subject over the chrissy holidays.:spin:

    good luck everyone and hang in there.