School uniforms

  1. Just went and picked up my uniform for clinicals and .......YUK!! That is definetely not the style I would pick for myself (not to mention that the sizes run REALLY small making me more aware of how much weight I've put on in the last year! These uniforms are white (go figure) with three horizontal buttons on each side from the shoulder and they zip up. plain white pants with no pockets. On the bright side I can wear a lab coat so I got a 5 pocket coat to carry all of my crap in! LOL!

    Are there any schools that have "cute" uniforms or at least not white ones?????
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  3. by   old-master
    The student nursing uniforms are all ugly. Shocking, I know!
    Mine are white with teal strips and I feel like some virgin bride, and I am a man.
    However, we shall overcome! Soon we get pass this and on to our own choice.
    old-master has spoken......
  4. by   janleb
    I don't think any nursing student in history has had a great looking uniform. I think it is done on purpose to make us stick out like a sore thumb. Actually ares are not bad, white top and bottoms and a white smock thing with lots of pocket except we have two diaganol blue lines in the middle.
  5. by   Bonnie Blue
    We have to have a set of navy blue scrubs and a set of white scrubs. They can be any style but we have school patches sewn on one sleeve. We also have regulation lab coats. We had to pay for these out of own pcokets.
  6. by   laurasjj
    I like our uniforms. I was scared we would have to wear all white. Luckily they changed it one semester before my clinicals began. We have royal blue scrubs. The pants are regular drawstring pants, with one back pocket. The shirts have two pockets at the bottom. We have to have our names, university name, and nursing school logo embroidered onto the left breast.
  7. by   delirium
    Our uniforms aren't that bad... we have to have white tops and bottoms of our choosing (within limits, of course). I wear white scrub pants and cheap white t-shirts I bought at wal-mart. I also wear all white skechers (instead of those nursing shoes... man, they hurt my feet).
    We have a blue and white pinstriped vest with a bunch of pockets that has our college patch sewn onto the left side. Not what I would have chosen, but its better than some other schools I've seen.
  8. by   Katnip
    We have white tunic tops with white srub pants. The tops zip and are pleated in the front. Not the most attractive things on earth. But they have BIG pockets, wich is handy. We also need lab coats, but we've been wearing those since day 1. School patches go on our left sleeve, name tags above the left breast pocket.

    I do envy those who are allowed to wear navy. Why do they still insist on white? Even on my best, neatest days, I'm a disaster in white.
  9. by   StudentSandra
    navy blue scrub pant, with cargo pockets on both legs, uck, miss my side pockets. white scrub top, decent with bottons at top and 2 patch pockets at the bottom. mid-thigh white lab coal with plenty of pockets. school name patch on left sleave of top & jacket. not great, but could be worse.
  10. by   CherryPez15
    Believe it or not, I actually like our uniforms.

    We have a choice of wearing either a navy blue or white polo shirt with navy blue or white cargo pants and white shoes or sneakers (I get to wear my comfy Sketchers - yay!!!) The only bad thing about the shirts is that they're short sleeve - and it's always SOOOOO chilly on the floors. We're not allowed to wear a sweater or long sleeves.

  11. by   GPatty
    We have dark green slacks with a white button up dress shirt and a white vest that goes over. The vest has some dark green trim, so it looks all right, but I am definitely NOT fond of it!
  12. by   Tina Ennis
    Well our old uniforms were horrible!!! It was white pants and a white white top that looked like a maternity shirt with a green smock our new uniforms are a totally different story they are soooo much better they are now green pants with a white polo shirt with the school initials on the left breast in green and a green jacket with school initials on the left breast in white, we no longer get accused of being lunch ladies!!
  13. by   KristaB
    We have navy blue scrub pants (or we can wear white -- but I've yet to see *anyone* in white pants!) with a white polo top. We are also required to wear a navy blue lab coat, either short or long sleeved. They really aren't bad at all. We also have to wear white shoes with no designs.

  14. by   marieoct62
    I actually like our school uniforms. They are button down long sleeve oxford cotton shirts. blue and white stripe (like the pillowticking for us old folks who know what that is). We must wear white cotton pants any style and a lab coat. I like the blue pants and white shirts but that is the uniform for the nurses aids at our hospital. We can wear any white shoe that is comfortable and our shirts and labcoats have our school logo on them. Everyone in our hospital must have a picture ID at all times.