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  1. laurasjj

    ARRGGHH! Trying to consolidate

    Hi TeleNurse, I had the exact same problems with trying to consolidate. I was so frustrated that I finally just quit. But this one company called me after I had requested an application. They did everything for me but sign the application. I didn't even have to worry about getting my PIN #. They are a federally run program, and they made it hassle free for me. Here's the website if you want to look into it: http://www.slcp.com Hope it helps and good luck! Laura
  2. laurasjj

    School loans....

    I don't know if you're actually looking for loan payback, but here is a link to a payback program. http://bhpr.hrsa.gov/nursing/loanrepay.htm
  3. laurasjj

    Mosby's AssessTest/NLN

    We take the NLN for each course at the end of the semester to measure how much we've learned. We took the Mosby's Assess test at the beginning of this semester. We have to take it for graduation, but it is mainly to show us what areas we need to study. So I didn't study for it...because I want to know what info I *really know* vs. what info I just remembered because I looked at it. I haven't ever studied for NLN's for the same reason. That's just the way I see it. Good luck!
  4. laurasjj

    Any good books on delegation?

    I don't have a recommendation on a book. But we just had this lecture a few weeks ago. Our teacher (who writes NCLEX questions) pointed out certain things that are common on the NCLEX: * Definition of delegator & delegatee * RNs are the only ones to do teaching * Negligence (the individual who accepts assignments beyond their competence is still liable for their actions; the unlicensed personnel must notify a supervisor if they are not qualified to perform a task) * RNs must ask if the LPN/UAP feels comfortable with the assignment * Always think about whether or not the pt is hemodynamically stable * Admission history & physical always RN * Feeding a pt with stomatitis always RN (b/c it's a medical condition that unlicensed personnel aren't qualified to deal with) I hope these help. I can send you the powerpoint that went with the lecture, if you want it email me. lbwhittn@memphis.edu Laura
  5. laurasjj

    Change in NCLEX Questions??? BIG NEWS

    I spoke with a professor at school who sits in to write NCLEX questions. She told me not to worry about the new questions, just to relax. But, after my brigade of questions, she told me some topics that they submitted for the "innovative questions." Traction Crutch Walking Decubitus Pin Sites (traction) EKG She emphasized traction, crutch ambulation, and delegation while talking with her. I thought I needed to share this tidbit of info with all of you. It's not fair for me to know something alone. Laura
  6. laurasjj

    Hey Tennesee Students!

    I can't make it this time, even though it would count for 8 clinical hours for us. I just can't work out babysitter details. yuck. I was at MMHI last spring and I thought I was going to die! We were there for three months and I hated pretty much every minute of it. I constantly felt like a piece of fresh meat. Very scary experience for all of us. :) But I am glad to hear that your time there went well. I was at LeBonheur over the summer and loved it. Everyone was so nice and I just loved the kids! Have fun! Laura
  7. laurasjj

    Nursing abbreviations

    This website is really good for finding meanings for abbreviations. http://www.pharma-lexicon.com/index.php Hope this helps! Laura
  8. laurasjj

    What is your new class size?

    Our class started with 72. After two semesters, we have 51. I think that most of the people who have failed a class have given up on the program. Several people have changed majors, and others are going to a different school in Memphis that is said to be easier. laura
  9. laurasjj

    looking for a mnemonic for nerves

    I have used this website several times, and it has really helped me...maybe it will help you out, too. http://www.medicalmnemonics.com laura
  10. laurasjj

    how does your BSN classes stack up to mine?

    This is our program at the University of Memphis... Sophomore II Foundations of Nursing (3) Foundations Practicum (2) Integrative Skills I (1) Dosage Calculation (1) Pharmacology in Nursing (3) Clinical Pathophysiology (3) Health Assessment (3) Junior I Adult Health (3) Adult Health Practicum (2) Integrative Skills II (1) Psychiatric Mental Health (2) Psychiatric Practicum (2) Junior II Care of the Expanding Family Expanding Family Practicum (2) Child Health (2) Child Health Practicum (3) Senior I Advanced Adult Health Nursing (2) Advanced Adult Practicum (3) Community Health Nursing (3) Community Health Practicum (3) Senior II Research (3) Issues and Trends (2) Leadership & Management (3) Leadership Practicum (4) You also have to take an upper division elective at some point. We also have the option of going full-time during the summer to move the process on just a little more quickly. laura
  11. laurasjj

    down in the dumps

    You are definitely not alone on the whole respirations thing. I have counted many times, only to discover that my count didn't match the PCA's count. 20 seems to be the magic number for many of the PCAs at my hospital. There was one situation that helped me to have faith in myself...I was in a patient's room while the PCA was taking pulse and resp rate. She counted both in MAYBE 20 seconds. After she left, I re-checked everything...she was way off. Another thing that helps me is using my stethoscope to listen and count. It makes it much easier for patients with shallow or irregular breathing. Don't discount yourself so quickly. You were probably right. I think that too many people are in a hurry to get the job done. A lot of times, I feel that nursing students are there to help get the job done right.
  12. laurasjj

    School uniforms

    I like our uniforms. I was scared we would have to wear all white. Luckily they changed it one semester before my clinicals began. We have royal blue scrubs. The pants are regular drawstring pants, with one back pocket. The shirts have two pockets at the bottom. We have to have our names, university name, and nursing school logo embroidered onto the left breast.
  13. laurasjj

    I am so freaking livid!

    I think that you have every reason to be angry! I definitely would be. You obviously know how to take your meds responsibly. I cannot believe that they would even say that to you. I hate to think of what I would have said if I were in your position...they probably would have kicked me out of the program just for my reaction. But that's besides the point. I think that your honesty in telling them what meds you take, the doctors' letters, your grades/NLN scores, and your work/volunteer history should be more than enough to change the dean's mind. Our nursing school doesn't do drug tests, but I can honestly say that our dean would not kick someone out for this reason. She would probably talk to you to make sure you didn't put yourself or patients at risk...but she would be reasonable about it. Now if someone came to clinical after taking these meds, she would kick them out...but otherwise, nope. If I were you and they kicked me out...I would definitely take legal action. STCC would be paying for me to go to another, more reasonable nursing school. I'm sorry if I rambled...but I cannot tell you how angry this makes me. I hope that everything works out. Be sure to update on the situation! laura
  14. laurasjj

    How do you get pass the first day fears

    I really don't have any advice for you, since I'm still a student. But I'm from Memphis and am wondering which hospital you're starting at and what floor? Good Luck!! laura
  15. laurasjj

    Tell me if you are ADN or BSN please!!

    I am going for my BSN. I decided on this because I want to go back for my master's (CRNA maybe?) and I already had a year of pre-reqs completed before I decided on nursing. Laura
  16. laurasjj

    Tell us about yourself.

    Hi! I'm 22 and from Memphis. I am married and have a 2 year old son (who keeps me on the run). I am in the BSN program at the University of Memphis. When my son was born, I slowed down on my classes, so I just finished all of my pre-reqs. Last semester I was able to take pathophysiology, pharmacology, and health assessment. But I will be starting my *hands on* nursing classes this fall (yippee!!).