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  1. Just curious about what students are paying for LPN school in your state. I have been checking other states and my state seems to be quite high priced for an LPN program in either Vocational/Technical school or Community College. State colleges in my state do not offer LPN at all. The BSN programs are very expensive in state colleges and in the private colleges. Thought people might want to share tuition costs at their college for an LPN program and where it is located. Of course books and other fees count too so tell us those. Tell how long the program is too. Some states have 12 month programs, some as long as 18 months. I wonder if the higher the cost of attendence the bigger shortage of LPN's. I would eventually go for the BSN but right now the LPN is the best choice for me. Most nursing homes hire LPN's due to the lower pay of course. I think LPN's are in short supply for these jobs. (Yes I do know the reasons for that) Look forward to hearing what others are paying for school.
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  3. by   USA987
    I paid $4500 in NJ for my LPN...that included EVERYTHING..uniforms, books, stethoscope, shoes, etc. The program was 11 months full-time (M-F 0800-1510). It was very intense. Then I continued on to the community college to get my prereq's for RN down. Cost was $60 per credit hour plus all kinds of fees, books, etc.

    I'm now in CA in my last semester of a bridge program and pay $11 per credit hour plus the cost of books and uniforms...very inexpensive!

    It's sad to think that I could have gone through the whole regular RN program here for less than what I have paid for my LPN! Then again, my LPN training was the most intense, invaluable training I have ever gotten, so I guess in hind-sight it was worth every penny!

  4. by   Angella Walker
    I am a BSN student and I am paying 15000 semester, transfering to a public college in the summer. God does work miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW this does not include equipment
  5. by   Hidi74
    15,000 a SEMESTER!!!! wow! OMG I guess I better stop

    surely I am reading that wrong.....
  6. by   emily_mom
    Angella, I think I know where you go! I also attended private school and it was about that too. Thank God for scholarships!

    I pay 61.50/credit plus fees and all the other goodies...
  7. by   onlyaPre-nurse
    The LPN program here is tuition=$3,100
    here it is taught at our tech schools so it follows the same sched. as the school ie:summers off but is 270 days.
    The RN program at our community college is $1,764 per year not including any books ,or stuff ya need.
  8. by   GPatty
    I think it cost about $4500 here for the whole thing. Maybe with all the "added" expenses it was up and around $5000.
    Worth every single cent.......

    PS Tonicareer? Thanks....and you know what for.....
  9. by   Rootbear76
    In Oklahoma the RN program at Rose State is $6,290.00. At OSU it's $6,600.00 for the RN program. I have about $10,000 to use from my montgomery GI Bill. I didn't know WHAT to do with it at first, but since my heart is set on nursing, it wil pay for my RN. Now to get my BSN, that's a different story.

  10. by   KAYfutureLPN
    My school is a 12 month program. Total cost to be about 9,000.
    (eeeekkk!)...It's going to be super hard because my hubby is going to be the only one working & we will have to pay for daycare for our two children....
  11. by   essarge
    I go to a state university and it is about $1800 per semester, 300-500 for books and supplies, $35 for uniform (really ugly I might add), $100 for student activity fees (which I don't attend because I'm a commuter), and $30 for lab fees. We don't have an LPN program nearby but you can attend the community college and sit for your LPN boards after the first year. Mine is a BSN program. Oh, by the way, in the summer, it is $187 per credit they get you no matter what!! LOL!
  12. by   TeresaRN2b
    The community college in Michigan where I go is $6500 for the 2 year RN program. They offer the first half as an LPN so it would be roughly $3500 for the LPN portion of the program. This includes everything books, tuition, uniform in their estimate. The LPN program is two semesters plus prereqs which would be another semester so basically one full year if you went during the summer. (There is a wait list, but time wise spent in class would equal about a year for the LPN portion.)
  13. by   AmyLiz
    The 2-year ADN program I am going to be going through to become an RN only costs around $6000 (give or take $$) including books, uniforms, insurance, etc. The classes are only $34.75 per credit hour for residents of the county.
  14. by   Nurse2bSandy
    The school that I am transferring to is $15000/year for the jr/sr years. I will go through those years on a 1/2 price tuition rate because of my phi theta kappa membership, Lord willing.
    At my age I couldn't wait to get to the top of a waiting list at the community college or state university. I'll pay more now, then get to work.