School costs

  1. Just curious -

    On average, what were your school costs outside of regular tuition/registration fees - for things like textbooks, uniforms, etc?

    I've got to call and hopefully get an estimate from my school tomorrow so I can work that figure into my budget, so it was just on my mind!
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  3. by   kahumai
    (Rough estimates not including $18,000/year tuition and fees)

    Uniform: $60
    Stethoscope: $40
    Shoes: $50
    Clipboard/bandage scissors/etc: $30

    Books first semester: $950
    Books second semester: $700

    *FINALLY* pursuing your dream to become a nurse, priceless.
  4. by   TinyNurse
    i'm done with school as of last year
    uniform: 120
    shoes: anything white. so you may have them already or may have to spend 50 bucks
    stethoscope: can get one for 10 bucks from or a $100 ultrascope
    scissors. cuff. and stats were not required during school. but if you want em you can get em for about 50 bucks total.
    my books for adn program for 1 quarter were about 200-300
    that's about it....
    best of luck
    xo Jen
  5. by   Achoo!
    Good question! Aside form the standard textbooks, how much did you spend on NCLEX study books, extra drug calc books etc..?
  6. by   klone
    Uniform - $120 (two sets of scrubs and a lab coat)

    Shoes - $40 ( you could go as cheap as $20 or as expensive as $150, of course)

    Stethoscope - $60 (I bought a Littman II, but you can definitely go cheaper and spend $20-30)

    Books - for the first semester, around $500 - all the other semesters will probably be around $150-200 because it's only 2-3 new books the other semesters - try, I'm buying most of my textbooks there, and I've been able to get brand new, still in the shrinkwrap textbooks for the same price that my school charges for the used textbooks. On used textbooks, I'm generally able to find the expensive ones for $20-40 cheaper through than through school
  7. by   manna
    Well, I hate to see how much the physical, hep B, tetanus, TB test are going to cost - I'll be willing to bet my insurance won't cover any of that stuff.

    A few estimates from my school (just got off the phone)

    Books: $1,000 junior year, most of those books last through junior-senior year, though (only 2-3 more to buy after that).

    Malpractice - $20 (is that a semester or year, I wonder)?

    Equipment - Waiting for info packet on this, said there's some required and some optional. Will be interested to see the list.

    Uniforms - same thing, guess I'll know more about that in the info packet.

    Tuition is $1,649/semester
  8. by   angelac1978
    the malpractice insurance for my rad program was $26 for the entire year.

    As far as the physical and shots go, you should check with your school's student health clinic. I did this last summer and paid less than $200 for everything, including the physical, lab work, TB skin test, MMR booster and Hep B series. My drug screen cost $35, but that was because the lab had cut a deal w/ all the schools in the area. Definitely call around if you can because there were some people in my class who just went to their primary care dr and paid close th $500 for all this.

  9. by   wonderbee
    Required textbooks for all 4 semesters (new) = $1,000
    Uniforms: 3 shirts, 2 pair of pants: $75.00
    Shoes: $50
    Stethescope, a Littman Classic II: $60
    Name tags x2: $12
    Lab kit: $150
    Malpractice liability insurance (optional but recommended) $20
    Immunizations, drug testing and physical exam: $200
    PDA: $200
    Software for PDA: $100
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  10. by   twarlik
    I spent about $1,000 on text books my first semester, which also included a bag of supplies. It's gone down considerably since then. Uniforms were about $300. My school also requires us to do some clinicals out of town where we have to provide our own transportation and lodging. That can get pretty expensive.
    I've also been spending about $100 extra a semester on non-required texts (careplan books, NCLEX prep, etc.).
    Nursing school is expensive, but if you plan ahead (and get some generous financial aid!) it can be done.

    Good luck on starting school.