1. I am starting my school in a couple of weeks and though I got financial aid (Pell Grant), it doens't seem enough to cover additional expenses, as child care, for a whole semester. Does anyone know if there are additional scholarships (not loans) that I can apply for...or something that considers your high GPA?
    Are all scholarships received though finacial aid office at school or we can apply separate?
    I am not working an my husband doens't make enough money, so I don't know how can I deal with my 2 year old while in Nursing school.
    Also, because the nursing school where I am studying has summer classes I would have to pay that from my own pocket, because the grant is only for 2 semesters. I am taking full time credits, because I am trying to take some prerequisites for BSN too.
    So, please if anyone has an idea, let me know. I would appreciate that! Thanks.

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  3. by   Brownms46 is a good resource. Good luck to you!
  4. by   PennyLane
    I got a scholarship through my state delegate.
  5. by   llg
    Also, don't rule out a student loan. I know you might not like the thought of it ... but that's how most people (in all fields) pay for at least a portion of their educations. Few people with a college education or higher have not taken out a student loan at some point in their careers.

  6. by   renerian
    I have four in college and yes they are getting student loans for much of it as we make to much to get any grants but not enough to send four kids to college. My dtr only makes six dollars per hours and was told she makes to much to qualify for any grants. Sucks. I paid for my school with loans.

  7. by   Nightcrawler
    Some of the big HMO's offer scholarships and forgivable loans. With the forgivable loans you only have to pay back the amount if you choose not to work for them after graduation. I haven't taken any out yet, but the time commitment if you do choose to work for them is usually pretty short.
  8. by   OnMyWay
    President Bush signed the Nurse Reinvestment act last summer which forgives $4000 per year in student loans up to 4 years when you work as an RN. That means you can have up to $16000 in student loans forgiven!
  9. by   flaced
    Thank you all for your input. I don't think I want to get a loan from the first year of nursing, counting that i want to go to NA school. I would have to pay all my life those loans. And I don't want to make any commitment with any organization or hospital for a scholarship. At least not while I am in the ADN program.
    So...I will have to find another way for now.
    I appreciate your suggestions though.
  10. by   hmarandola
    Dear Flaced,

    Are you at a Community College or 4-year program? I did my prereq's at my local Community College and they had a WONDERFUL transfew program and scholarship office. They did workshops for scholarships and had all local scholarships on their website as well as their office.

    I worked extremely hard...the first year I got a scholarship for $150....which paid for tuition and books at the community college. I kept working on applications and after two years I transferred to a BSN program with three scholarships: $500, $6,000 and $120,000...

    Yup, I won a scholarship for one hundred and twenty thousand dollars!!! It pays for everything except insurance and parking. It covers books, tuition, uniforms, art projects...they even bought my a new computer, printer, scanner, digital camera. They also give me nearly $1,000//mo for housing costs! I use that to pay for daycare. They told me that there would most likely be money for my graduate work as well. Amazing! I give all the credit to my community college. I had instructors edit my essay and help me with my applications. When I got an interview for the big scholarship they gave me a mock interview with their own faculty to give me feedback on my interviewing skills (Something I know will help me with job interviews in the future)

    My point is...your community colleges are great resources and maybe they can give you some direction and guidance. The scholarship I won was limited to six counties in the Bay Area (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area). So think local and DO NOT GIVE UP.
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  11. by   marilynmom
    Originally posted by OnMyWay
    President Bush signed the Nurse Reinvestment act last summer which forgives $4000 per year in student loans up to 4 years when you work as an RN. That means you can have up to $16000 in student loans forgiven!
    Where can I see more info on that? I have heard of it but just didn't realize it had happened.

  12. by   bonjovigirl
    I looked into that, and I believe it is a scholarship, where you have to apply and they give first "dibs" to those in financial need, or what they consider need. I had the application (if it's the same one I am thinking about) and it said it gave preference to those with $0 efc, then $500-1000, and so forth and so on. I believe there are only 75 scholarships available.

    I hope the link is right.
  13. by   renerian
    I paid four years of student loans off in three years. Not that hard.

  14. by   bonjovigirl
    Thats a very good point renerian

    Most everyone I have ever known has taken out loans, it'd be nice to not have to, but its a neccessity sometimes, and you don't make any payments until 6 months after you graduate, at which time you should be working.
    Plus, I bet you'd qualify for subsidized loans, so thats a bonus.