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Hi, I just read somewhere that after first year Rn studies are completed, students can sit for LPN license. Is this true in all states or just some. I would be interested in getting my LPn... Read More

  1. by   jhawk07
    I dont about LPN but my nursing school has told me that after my first semester I can work as a SNA (senor nurses aide) i.e. I can do CNA duties, plus some (i.e. phlebotomy, medical tech, etc.) I can more than the CNA doing that. I dont think I have to get any liscence to do it just prove that I am in nursing school and have taken those courses that teach the correct thigns I need to know. I am going to work as an SNA next summer and try to save up A LOT of money. I think I can make 10-12 dollars/hour.
  2. by   Plucker
    I'm in SC and in our school we can challenge the LPN boards after 3 semesters so I did and I'm glad. I'm working the same hrs I did before when I was a CNA-just making more now It depends on your program and if they teach you enough to be able to pass. We have never had a student fail the PN boards since they started letting ADN's challenge PN baords after the 3rd semester.
  3. by   S.N. Visit
    My nursing program curriculum is set up so that the first yr ADN students take the same classes with PN students. ADN's also get a PN diploma at the end of the first year. The only difference between the PN & ADN 1st yrs, is the ADN students have a secured enrollment into the 2nd year. The PN's can bridge over if there are enough openings available.

    I love having the option to graduate twice
  4. by   hotdog19d
    Thats sounds intresting I'm going to have to see at my school!!!
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  5. by   r_janice
    Quote from Coopergrrl
    i'm in NY State and after the third of four semesters in the ADN program we can sit for the LPN exam. Its a hot topic because on the one hand, its great for the practice and also if you are taking the third semester in the spring and have to wait all summer for the final semester to start up again its practical. (My school doesn't offer summer nursing classes) Then others say its a waste of $400 and doesn't do you much good if you take it in January and then graduate in June.
    Im in a 6 semester program in Jersey. A group of fellow students and I have decided we are going to take a nice little trip up to NY after nursing 3 to take the LPN board. Do you know if it has to be after the 3rd semester of a 4 semester program or just after three semesters?
  6. by   MIA-RN1
    I don't know if your school meets the NY requirements....try contacting the NYS BON and see what they say.
  7. by   tashanturtle
    hey in am in virginia. i need one more class to graduate nursing school. i have completed all requirement for nursing except for my one class. i wonder can i challenge the LPN boards while i am waiting for my RN. Somebody help me!!!!!!!