Registration... and next semester classes what will you be taking? - page 2

Hi, Has anyone pre-registered yet for next semester? If all goes well I'll be taking Micro, Chem, Psychology (developmental) and Bio-Medical ethics. I wanted to add Nutrition but all the hours... Read More

  1. by   kimmicoobug
    Nursing 201 and couldn't even tell you what number they assign the clinicals. But, we will be covering ECG (again), respiratory (again), and accessory GI organs (I believe).
  2. by   Rena RN 2003
    nursing 202 adult and pediatric med/surg II
    nursing 211 pharm II

    and that will be the 6th out of 7 quarters so i'm on my way to being done!!!! woohoo!!!
  3. by   legsmalone
    I got myself registered for Community Health, a Writing class and of course an NCLEX review class Just a little worried about that.....
    On my second to last quarter, I am begining to see a light at the end of the tunnel!
  4. by   2banurse
    Well, tomorrow I get to register and I'm taking:
    Intercutural Humanities II (needed to finish my AA in Accounting)
    A&PI, Human Development, Nutrition (Pre-reqs), and Human Relations (an elective to help me understand many of the behaviors we will come up with when we are working as nurses). A full load yes, but I'm excited!
  5. by   Jenn_RN
    I am taking Nutrition, HUman Development, Medical Terminology, Nursing 110. We meet 1x a week for clinicals as well.
  6. by   emily_mom
    I have Pathophysiology, Nursing Skills III, Intermediate Nursing II, and Intermediate Nursing Practical. I'm overwhelmed already!!!!
  7. by   maire
    Nursing 119, Fundamentals of Nursing...I'm just getting started!
  8. by   Kyle's Mom
    I registered yesterday - Micro., Women's Health Issues, Statistics and Texas Government (why?! ugh. )
  9. by   tugbird
    NUR 155 Comtemporary Nursing 1
    NUR 158 Health promotions for Families 1

    All my pre-reqs are done so it's only nursing classes for me.
  10. by   delirium
    I'm taking Nursing Trends, a quick 3 week course over the January intersession (one less thing to do next semester).

    Next semester, I'm taking Nursing 2020, which is comprised of didactic (mostly problem-based learning, a code blue simulation, yada yada yada), community clinical and the senior practicum (90 hours with an RN on the unit of your choice... basically you take the RN's patient load and she's just there to back you up if you have any problems).

    And then......... graduation.
  11. by   PennyLane
    I'm taking A&P II and Nutrition. Then....BSN program, here I come!
  12. by   wanttobeaNurse
    I have registered for the following classes for Spring '03:

    Microbiology 4 units
    Physiology 5 units
    Sociology 3 units
    English 4 units
    Food & Nutrition 3 units = 19 units total

    This will do it for the Nursing Program pre-req's !!
  13. by   NurseAngie
    woo hoo!!! spring 2003 sounds fine to me....(hurry up may 2004!!!) here's the class list for me: nursing 2 and interpersonal communications. 12 hours -vs- the 17 i had to take this semester sounds sweet!