1. So I went today and bought my patho, nursing nutrition and my pharm books. I had myself convinced that the print in the book would be huge. All I read about on this site is how much reading is assigned. It would make sense the print is large to offset the sheer number of pages we are assigned, right? WRONG! I opened my book and fell off my bed! The print is about the size of a dictionary . I think I passed out for a few min.

    So I know am sure this has been covered but any tips on reading the volumes of information??? Is it scan, pick important info covered in class and review that, review what was unclear???

    I was never one to start reading before classes started but I think this is going to be the first semester I do
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Hey you are not alone! I was also shocked at the amount of reading assigned sometimes.Everyone has to find the way that they learn best. I usually just read and then reread the assigned reading. By about the third time it starts to make some sense or I can remember where it is going. Works for me but I know everyone is different. I do recommend that you make sure you get your readings done before the class, even if you don't understand it fully. When the topic is being taught it will help that you have already read the material. I have had Doreen ( my fav teacher!) tell me that she can always tell who has read the chapters and who hasn't.

    So find a comfy spot with good light and dig in! lol

    Best of luck
  4. by   meownsmile
    Wait and see how your instructors are going to cover the info in class before you make yourself blind. Some instructors will go over the info and give most in note form in class, with most important being covered. I used my books mainly for reference and if there was something i really wasnt catching in class. I would go back and read portions of the text as supplement to the lectures. Believe me with the amount of notes you will have from lectures your vision will soon be stretched to its limit.
    You can try to pre-read this stuff but for the most part it doesnt work. If you manage to keep yourself awake long enough to actually read what has been assigned before lecture you will probly find yourself still having to go back and go over some anyway.
    Everyone has their own study practices. You will just have to do a trial and error and do what works for you. Good luck.
  5. by   sabrn2006
    ~What works for me is to scan the chapter first.

    ~Look at the bold headings, any words that are defined, glance at the tables and boxes.

    ~Then I go back and take notes on the main concepts and unfamiliar terms.

    ~I highlight or circle words that are unfamiliar AND I look them up in either the glossary or my medical dictionary.

    ~Later, I read more thoroughly whatever I did not understand fully from lecture or lab.

    ~I also follow the lecture with my book open and make notes regarding the relevant pages.

    ~Sometimes I make flash cards for definitions or important concepts.

    ~I mark pages that I will need to review later for exams with post-its.

    Everybody's learning style is different, but this approach helped me get an A last semester.
  6. by   janetrette
    if you happen to have a copy of the syllbus then i would recommend going through those pages and just those pages.

    when reading: i like to scan through the chapters. highlight only and only the most important sentences you feel that don't know.

    and most importantly when classes begin, pay special attentiont to what is lecture and go back to the book for reference. honestly, reading 3x the information should be able to sink in.
  7. by   GPatty
    I highlight and make notes in the margins....
  8. by   lil' girl
    Scan and highlight while scanning. Then go back and read the chapter after the instructor has gone over it. Ours just loved to throw in some tiny little thing that no one would even think about being on the test.