Question about On-Line Courses

  1. I'm on my Schools "alternate list" for the Fall Nursing Program. Yesterday, I went to "New Student" registration for Summer Courses with the intent of getting into A&P and spending the Summer concentrating on that. Just my luck, they didn't have room for new students, it was already filled. I already have a lot of other Courses required for the Program out of the way - can't go on to Micro - because you have to have A&P first. Only Nursing related course left was "Nutrition & Diet Therapy" - all on-line.

    My problem is - I've been out of School for years and was really hoping to get into a Summer Course with an "actual live teacher" standing in front of me "teaching" so I could get back into the swing of things. I work part-time, our 3 boys have friends over all the time, barking dog, etc. - so I was really looking forward to having time to myself in a classroom setting - away from "the family, pets, laundry, dishes" concentrating on my studies.

    This Course starts Monday and I was hoping to get some advise from those of you "with children" that have taken on-line courses. Did you have to wait until late at night to do your "school work"? Did you like it, hate it? I had to pay the same fee and buy the $100.00 book (as if I was taking the course at the school) and hate the fact that if I have a question about something, I'll have to e-mail the Instructor and wait until "whenever" to get an answer - unlike being right there in a classroom.

    I've almost talked myself right out of doing this - it's not like I'll be trying to study what I learned in a class - I'll actually be taking the class here at home and not sure I'll be able to focus enough to do it. Seems like an ideal way for a single person or at least someone without kids to attend class - but like I said - with a crazy house full of boys and pets, it's kind of overwhelming and since this is my first class in a very long time, I do not way to mess this up.
    Any suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, SusanNC
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Set up the same time everyday that you are going to use for your class time.
    Time that your family, if there, is not to interrupt you.

    Who says that you have to wait until late at night to study? Why not first thing in the morning before the whole house gets crazy? You are nice and fresh then. Also, remember that even if you were in class with a "live" instructor, you would be coming home to study, etc.....and you would expect quiet time from your family for that also...........

    You have to remember to take care of yourself first sometimes..........

    Hope that this helps and good luck with your studies...........
  4. by   Torachan
    I was talking to a lady the other day who knocked over a semesters work in a month. Think - no travel time
    Think - classes are not cut short
    Think - you can do it.

    GO for it and work hard. Keep your goal in focus and you will get what you want!
  5. by   NewEnglandRN
    I just took my first online course, Human Growth & Development, and it was great. I could do the assignments when it was good for my schedule. My kids understood when I was on the computer doing "school work"; my 11-year-old told me he wants to get his degree online!

    I found plenty of time to work in the asssignments.

    I think it will be a nice introduction back into school for you.

    Good luck,
  6. by   Catma63
    I've taken several online courses, SusanNC, and have found them very helpful in terms of being about to work my own schedule into it, pick those moment when I'm most free to be able to post to class discussion boards or take online exams. All of this in the comfort of my own home. I have young children, too, and yes, sometimes it's been difficult to find that time but, like a classroom, it's workable.
  7. by   SCmomof3
    I had to smile while reading your post, because my thinking is completely opposite. I have three kids, aged 10, 5 and 21 months. I have been out of school for 12 years, and figured taking a few online courses over the summer would be a great way to get myself acclimated to the college experience. I am a computer nerd though, so it is a very attractive option to me. Of course, I also worry about getting the quiet time I will need to work the course and study while the kids are home from school. Who needs sleep anyway?? :chuckle I can completely see your point of view, though, about having easier access to the instructor.

    My college has computer labs that you can use to access the internet as well as a few PCs in the library. If your school has a similar setup, there shouldn't be any reason why you couldn't physically go to campus to take your class online. Assuming you have childcare, that it, which is my obstacle. But even if you could go to the campus one day a week for purely uninterrupted time, it may work wonders for you. HTH and good luck
  8. by   EMTtoRN
    I LOVE online classes. I took an online computer class this past semester that dealt with all of the office applications. I have a 2 1/2 year old, work 30 hours a week. I loved being able to do the work as I needed!! Now our office is downstairs <raised ranch> so I did get a laptop and wireless internet so that has really helped tons!!!

    Over the summer I am taking two online classes, Intermediate Algebra and Child and Adolescent psych. I am SO happy that I will not have to spend the summer stuck in a class room. And with the prices of gas I dont mind staying home!!!
  9. by   skislalom
    I've done computer science, sociology, psychologies, writing and I'm now taking a kind of hybrid chemistry online. I do all my homework etc...have study groups to converse with online, online lecture notes but, I go to the campus for lab, lab quizzes and homework grading. It's great. I have 4 kids and campus is about an hour from here so, I only have to go 1 night a week instead of 4 days a week. How about, I have an entire week to take my chemistry exam... :chuckle most online exams are timed, or even proctored on campus or testing centers.

    I study while the bigger kids are at school, they all figure out when I'm doing "homework" or exams and know when to leave me alone. My 3 yr old is very good about watching a video or a show when I really need some peace and quiet. Sometimes I study late but more often I just set aside time in the mornings or afternoons and just study, taking frequent breaks. You do have to be self motivated and directed but, so far for me-it works out great.

    The only ones I couldn't do online are probably math, I need a real live body to ask questions with math...LOL

    Good Luck!

  10. by   RedSox33RN
    I have also taken many online classes - probably more than 1/2 my pre-req's have been totally online or hybrid online ones, with only 2 or 3 real-life classroom meetings (at the CC I'm registered through).

    When I first started with online classes, I told my 4 kids and husband that this was MY time not to be disturbed, especially when I had an English Lit class that we had to attend online in a chat room 1x/week. Other than that, I do my online work when my kids are at school. I do a lot on the weekends and at night also, but I make it clear that I am studying, and can only be disturbed if there is a broken bone or serious blood spillage! :chuckle Otherwise, go to Daddy! I'm not cooking, cleaning or driving you anywhere until XX o'clock.

    Be firm with it though. Study as far away from noise and chatter as possible. I have my 'puter in my bedroom, so I shut the door and turn on some "white noise" like the a/c or fan to drown out any kiddie-bickering.

    Some of my online classes have let me work ahead, and I've finished them WAY early (like Medical Terminology I finished in 5 weeks, compared to a 16-wk course), but some you have to follow the guideline in the syllabus. Just be sure not to fall behind. I fell behind a little in my online Math for Allied Health class when my mother died last fall, and it took my a while to catch up, especially since math is a weak point with me.

    I do understand your wanting your own time though. I took a "regular" Human Bio course this spring, every Wed. night, and loved the "me" time. Even just the 45min drive up and back, where I could relax and listen to my music on the radio. It was fun!
  11. by   RNSuzq1
    Quote from Torachan
    I was talking to a lady the other day who knocked over a semesters work in a month. Think - no travel time
    Think - classes are not cut short
    Think - you can do it.

    GO for it and work hard. Keep your goal in focus and you will get what you want!
    Hi All - Original Poster Here,

    Since I've never taken an online course before I had myself so worked up thinking it would be difficult and almost "chickened out". Not sure why because I'm on the computer all the time - I think I was just so afraid of getting back into school and studying. Anyways, Thanks So Much for your great responses - they were all so helpful.

    I bought a desk, hubby moved it and my computer into our sunroom (now known as MOM'S ROOM - No Boys Allowed).. :chuckle and I have a nice little spot to hide from the family - I think it's going to work out great and I'm really enjoying learning again. Plan on spending the entire weekend after work holed up in here going through all the material and taking my first quiz.

    One MAJOR PLUS that I didn't even consider was "no driving". My school is almost 40 miles away (a long way to go for one class) and with gas over $2.00 and rising - can't imagine how much money this is going to save me. My Sister In-Law has been a Nurse for 20 years and keeps telling me to get it through my head that I can do this - just have to jump in and get on with it, so that's what I'm doing. Thanks again - so glad all of you are out there going through the same thing and we can offer each other words of encouragement - it's wonderful. Take Care, SusanNC
  12. by   SCmomof3
    I'm glad that you've found a working solution
  13. by   MaggieJo
    Glad you're going to do it!! I'm a single mom, and I found that the online classes were the best! Good luck with your class.
  14. by   RedSox33RN
    Good for you, Susan!

    Your situation sounds similar to mine also. I have a separate area now, and the kids KNOW not to bug me (although it happens). My school is quite a ways away also (1+ hour commute each way), so I'm loving the online courses.