pushing the lines of insanity??

  1. OK, well since my plans to enter nursing school have been pushed up, I am in AP I now, still have to do AP II and Micro. So with that said, I have to take them over the summer (IF I CAN FIND A PROGRAM THAT WILL LET ME DO THAT (timewise)!) So is this possible? Do any of your programs let you do this? I have looked into local colleges, one doesn't let me do it b/c the schedule overlaps, the other hasn't released their summer schedule! Any input :stone
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  3. by   JudithL_in_NH
    My school (in NH) offers APII in the summer.

    It's a condensed three week course that meets for five hours/day, and I will be taking it. I'm not thrilled about the intensity. AP concepts are something that, for me at least, seem better off simmering in my brain for a bit. I think I'll do fine in the condensed course; I'll be able to pass the tests and all. But working through systems at breakneck speed, I wonder how much I'll retain?

    I also plan on taking Micro in a regular 15-week summer course; it is offered that way, but not until the next summer. In my program you have to finish Micro by the end of the third semester, and I'll be in my first semester this fall.
  4. by   Mkue
    Many colleges offer A&P's and Micro in the summer.
  5. by   Jennerizer
    Prepare to have absolutely no life outside of those classes during the summer semester-----there is a lot of information to learn in a small amount of time......not to mention the time spent in lab. Good luck!
  6. by   MidwifeWannaB
    I took both A&P's in the summer, and did fine, but Jennerizer is right---you will have no life. Of course, that's how it is in nursing school, too, so you might as well get used to it!
    Any summer course is tough, but if you're determined to do it, you will.
    Best of luck, and God bless!

  7. by   TheBrainMusher
    Thanks, I just noticed in my area, not all schools offered both AP's and micro in the summer (in a sequence where you could take a mix and match of them). I think I figured out my schedule. Micro 2 days a week 630-10, then a lab (unsure of time frame on that one! Schedule isn't out but i talked to the registrar today!) then second half at m-th 6-930 for APII. Argh. Yes, nursing school would be hard, but not this hard with working two jobs also! I think the part time job might have to go this summer, yet i need the money for school Decisions, decision, THanks all :-)
  8. by   opalmRN
    Have you considered taking one of the classes through distance ed?

  9. by   TheBrainMusher
    I wish I could but I ahve to have the lab as well. Plus I"m not famaliar with distance programs ...
  10. by   Nurse2bSandy
    I took Micro last summer and it was a rush course. I know that although I did well on the tests, I didn't learn nearly what I needed/wanted to. Retention was not good, but I got the course done.
    I took an internet writing course and really enjoyed it. We had to check in regularly so there was a lot of accountability. This summer I am planning on doing Stats by TV course... the teacher is very rude and I have heard that is the best way to handle him.

    Good luck planning your schedule!

  11. by   essarge
    Most schools offer financial aid even in the summer. You might want to check it out at whatever campus you plan on attending.