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  1. Can anyone help me find an internet site, whcih defines loss, and the four stages of loss.
    I have searched through all my books, and my usual sites, and I am just about ready to rip my hair out.

    If any one could help I would be really grateful.

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  3. by   memphispanda
    Are you sure it's four stages? I thought there were a basic 5 that could be broken down into more. Also, you could possibly try searching for stages of loss or stages of grief at
  4. by   Whisper
    I tried using google, but it is just finding too much, anything with the word loss in!!

    I have been doing this work since about 18.00 and am starting to get really racked off with it, but it has to be in the am! so at this rate I'll be up all night looking for the answer.

    Thankyou for your help though, I thought it was five stages for grief, but the lecturer states, 4 stages of loss, oh well!!! not like I need sleep
  5. by   renerian
    If so try:

    a search for elizabeth kubler ross

    I got tons of stuff

  6. by   Whisper
    Well, I am now giving up on this, as I have had no more luck, and I have some A&P pathopysiology to finish for tomorrow as well.

    I don't leave my work till late to do, it was just the we got a tonne set this afternoon.
    If I don't get asked to leave the lecture for not doing the work, I'll try and post what the lecturer thinks we should have put tomorrow night.

    Thanks again.
  7. by   memphispanda
    If you are still out there please try exactly this to get your answer--I'm not going to post the direct link, because I really think it will help you to figure this out yourself. Go to Type in the search box elizabeth kubler ross. Click Google Search. The second site listed has exactly what you are looking for. I am not sure why you weren't able to find this.
  8. by   adrienurse
    stages of loss according to whom? I'm certain that there is more than one theorist in psychology that has developed a theory of loss.
  9. by   passing thru
    I think Dr. Ross' book "Death and Dying" is the standard for all other theorists to be measured by. Her stages of loss, grieving, anticipatory grieving, and grief are generally accepted as universal human responses.
  10. by   sunnygirl272
    Originally posted by adrienurse
    stages of loss according to whom? I'm certain that there is more than one theorist in psychology that has developed a theory of loss.
    i agree.
  11. by   Whisper
    I think the google search didn't work, for me becasue I have a nast habbit of using, and clicking for UK sites only. I feel really stupid now, last night i was getting that wound up I didn't even realise why I couldn't find anything.

    elizabeth kubler ross' 4 stages were not the answer the lecturer was looking for, but fortunately, I did manage to find the stages outlined, by Bowlby, 1980, Parkes 1986, and Worden 1991, ebfore my lecture this morning, which satsified the lecturer enough to let me stay in the lecture

    Thanks, for putting up with my panic/stress attack, I hate not being able to get my work done, it is my fault for being blonde, and not looking at what I was asking the search engine to do!

    Thanks again

  12. by   rosemadder
    I thought there were 5 stages also. I can only remember three: anger, denial, acceptance
  13. by   RNonsense gonna tell us what they were??
  14. by   valk
    If my memory is functioning properly bargaining & depression are the other 2.