Process Recordings - page 2

Anyone else have to do this? Sit down with a patient and have a "therapeutic conversation," then later type out everything that was said, the body language used by both patient and SN during the... Read More

  1. by   CJStudent
    yes, we had to do them in psych. I got really good at bs that semester. Good luck.
  2. by   Robin61970
    Have to do one this coming week and Yuck! LOL
  3. by   fab4fan
    We did them in psych...I picked a pt that didn't speak English, but I did speak her language. My instructor had to take my word for it that what I wrote on the papers was what the pt and I said.
  4. by   delirium
    We had to do a process recording every semester (except this final one)... the one I did last semester was very interesting. It was on this dude with psychotic disorder... he was delusional, profane, violent, and in a totally inappropriate relationship with someone else on the psych ward.

    It was too fun to type up and hand in to my psych prof (hmm, some of you may remember that certain ugly shoe wearing professor from other threads of mine... ).
  5. by   Gigglesforall
    So yeah, I am in the middle of doing my very first process recording and thought I would search to see if anyone else had to do this lovely activity. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! I am finding it difficult to remember verbatim what was said by both of us. I also hate "analysing and evaluating" my thereapeutic or non-therapeutic communication skills. This thing is going to take me forever to finish!

  6. by   Robin61970
    We did our first one and handed them in.....out of 32...I think 2 people actually got a satisfaction....everyone else got a U and has to redo it......apparently we all didn't focus enough on the emotions of the client......I really really don't like them,lol
  7. by   xantha31669
    We had to do them too! My patient was a paranoid schizophrenic who had a foul mouth and a history of violence. My psych instructor was this zillion year old nun. She used to get very upset about the language and told me I should be reprimanding him. Yeah like I want to set off a guy like this!!
    I learned to get rather creative that semester!
  8. by   maire
    Well I turned it in today and it consisted mainly of this:

    SN: yadda yadda yadda
    P: *grunts*
    SN: yadda yadda yadda?
    P: *grunts*

    I swear, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy...I knew for sure I'd get the grumpy old man when I got my patient assignment and guess what? I was right! LOL
    Oh well, chalk it up to experience.
  9. by   Gigglesforall
    I turned mine in last weekand my client was so talkative i found it extremely hard to recall our word for word conversation and what order things were said, so I did my best. I really wish I could get my grade on it though before I turn in my next one. (which is also my last )

  10. by   Wyldeflower
    We have to do one every week! One long and one short...last year's students have told us it takes several hours to do. I'm really not looking forward to it!!
  11. by   WalMart_ADN
    i always did a lot of restating "Oh? You feel..............blahlbalhblah whateverthey just said..........."

    i hate process recordings.
  12. by   litepath
    Unless your PR's are different than the ones I had to do, then remember it's just a snapshot out of the time you spent with the client. I never asked a client if we could talk and I never made a 'date' to talk later. I just made myself available, and coalesced (*sp) into their world. Then when i got home, i remembered a key thing that brought on one or more conversations and wrote about that. You will not remember it verbatim unless you take notes or have an excellent memory. I was very concerned over my entire psych rotation, but turned out to be my favorite so far.