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Gigglesforall is a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Baths

    This also bothers me when I see people completely uncovering their patients. I always leave at least half of the patient covered when I'm not washing that half. I'd say the majority of nurses that I've seen totally uncovering their patients had gon...
  2. IAFN Illinois Chapter coming soon

    For anyone in the Illinois area on here that belongs to the International Association of Forensic Nurses, there is work started on an Illinois stay tuned on IAFN site. Also, if I have anyone's attention from Chicago, specifically, I ha...
  3. Death work and talking to the dead

    EXACTLY! Especially in regard to the head. Gets me every time.
  4. Death work and talking to the dead

    The one thing I can't get over is that heavy "thunk" as the body goes into the cadaver transporter. EXACTLY! Mostly in regard to the head. Gets me every time.
  5. Death work and talking to the dead

    I talk to the dying, not the dead. After they've died, I say a a little prayer (inside my head) wishing their spirit well and free from suffering. During post-mortem care though, I move them just as gently as I would had they still been alive. And...
  6. What nursing skills do you use the most?

    Thanks for all the replies so far. I have 3 years ICU experience, so I have a pretty firm grasp on my assessment skills. I wish I was more confident in my IV skills...but most of my patients either have a central line or are grossly edematous and/o...
  7. What nursing skills do you use the most?

    I currently work in ICU but am interviewing for an ED position in a level I trauma center. Just wondering what skills you use the most on a daily basis and what I should start practicing! (I hope I get the job!) Thanks!
  8. Annoyed with families rant!

    Thanks for everyone's replies. I know the problems have been addressed at various hospital trainings that eventually turned into an ICU pt. visiting rant in iteself. That was not the appropriate venue to discuss it though. Our unit doesn't have a ...
  9. Annoyed with families rant!

    I work pm/nights in ICU and am getting so fed up with pt.'s families. (Not all, of course.) I am talking about those who have 20-30 family members lurking around or lying on the floors and more just keep coming from every corner. I am also talking...
  10. Heparin Protocol

    Anyone using heparin anti-Xa labs now instead of PTT? Our heparin protocol still uses PTT, but some orders say "pharmacy to manage" and whatever their protocol goes by uses the anti-Xa result.
  11. Are you relocating after you graduate??

    I moved to Chicago 3 days after I took the NCLEX in my hometown in MN. That was 2 1/2 years ago. It was the best thing I've EVER done! It's been amazing to pick up and move to a city where I didn't know anyone and start a new life with a new caree...
  12. St. Joseph Hospital Chicago

    Hi~ St. Joseph is part of the Resurrection Health Care system, one of about 10? hospitals now. It's the largest Catholic hospital system in Chicago. My first job two years ago was with another Res hospital. I left after a year, it wasn't for me. ...
  13. Travel Rns in Connecticut?

    I have looked into Yale. Wonder why the reputation isn't too good?
  14. Travel Rns in Connecticut?

    Hi all~ I'm starting to think about possibly doing travel nursing in Connecticut within the next year. I've never done travel nursing before, but I want to get some experience in CT as I am interested in getting my MSN there. Just asking for any kn...
  15. Travel RNs in CT?

    Hi all~ I'm starting to think about possibly doing travel nursing in Connecticut within the next year. I hope to get a little established there so I can go to grad school at Quinnipiac. I've never done travel nursing before. Just asking for any k...