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When you practice in nursing school, do you practice on one another? What sort of skills do you practice on fellow students? I am not all that nervous about other people giving me shots or drawing... Read More

  1. by   love for nursing
    We used manniquins for eveything except shots, vitals, bed baths. For bed baths we put on a gown over our clothes and when it came time to get water we would say running water in pan. Shots we used sterile water and gave each other a SC shot, IM was done on the manniquin, interdermal we used a hot dog weinee. I have to wait until the spring for iv starts, I have heard we do one stick on each other.
  2. by   michar
    I've been thinking a lot about this.

    Those who don't do shots/IV's on each other do you go straight from the mannequin arm to patients? They are soooo different, when I teach IV's I prefer to not start with the mannequin arm unless someone needs a little confidence first.
  3. by   locolorenzo22
    Tip #1: Go slow, #2: don't freak out if you cause a cut... #3. Relax.
    I'm just waiting to see when we have to inject a patient at clinicals, I have a tough time locating the vastus lateralis muscle(any tips?)
  4. by   nanay

    We practiced on each other:

    - ID
    - IM
    - bedbath
    - bedshampoo
    - physical assessment
    - v/s

    Good thing was, we could choose our own partner.

  5. by   linzyann
    Quote from RNsoon!
    I don't think any Nursing student will care about your stomach and I don't think you should either.Other students will be too occupied with their studies so I doubt they'd care who has abs or not.Losing weight, not losing weight..what's the difference? Will having abs improve your study habits or something? I don't get it...Will it enable you to become a competent Nurse? I don't think so.SO quit worry about meaningless things and Good luck with your studies....
    I agree with you that being thinner will not help me be a competent nurse- I'm not hugely overweight (to the point that I can't move around well or anything) but I am chunky. Its nothing more than a vanity thing in terms of being ashamed of my body. I've dealt with eating disorders for almost 5 years now, going from very skinny to very fat and every place in between, and I'm just very self conscious about my body.
  6. by   ladyinred667
    Quote from wdwpixie
    We only did vitals, assessments, and mobility on each other...we weren't required to do baths or bed changing, but having done clinicals this past week, it probably wouldn't have been a bad idea to do the bed changing in pt this week was very mobile so it wasn't a problem...but woe to the first pt that isn't!! I about drowned my pt in sweat from nerves this week taking their apical pulse ....I can't imagine how soaked someone in their bed while I'm changing it is going to get!!
    I had to do my first bed bath on a pt that had very limited mobility, and let me tell you what, it is a lot harder than doing it with a mannekin! :chuckle: We rolled the pt towards me, so I had to hold him in place while my partner cleaned his back and oh man, I was dying. 223lbs is hard to keep in place when you're not getting a lot of help from the pt. Practice makes perfect, I suppose!

    To the OP, the only thing we have done to each other in skills lab is vital signs and transfer.
  7. by   Gompers
    You're best off calling the actual nursing school you're going to or interested in going to. Each school does things differently. When we get posts here about this topic, the replies vary widely!

    Some schools, like mine, only had us do assessments on each other, fully clothed. We listened to each other with stethescopes, did vital signs, did neurological exams, etc. We also practiced transferring each other from bed to wheelchair, that kind of thing. When we practiced bed baths, we used a dry washcloth and "went through the motions" showing where we would start the bath (face) and where we would end (handing the patient the washcloth to clean genitals if able, otherwise doing that ourselves). We verbally explained what we'd do, we didn't actually touch each other at all and certainly didn't have to wear bathing suits or underwear! We didn't do any actual procedures on each other - we had mannequins to do those on.

    Other schools go as far as to have you half naked doing bedbaths, giving each other shots, inserting nasogastric tubes, doing breast exams, etc. So you really don't know unless you talk to each partcular school.
  8. by   det01
    we did everythign short of caths and NGs on each other...but as people said every school is different. I would suggest meeting and talking to someone who has recently graduated from the program, a senior in the program, or an instructor and asking them that question. You will get a better answer.