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I hope to be attending nursing school in the fall. Those nursing students out there who are plus sized: did you have any problems getting the uniforms in the larger sizes? My biggest fear is... Read More

  1. by   future L&Dnurse
    For those tall and fluffy women out there (like me), I have had great success with Lydia's pro-series scrubs. If you are required to buy a certain brand, this may not help, but I bought an XLT in the flare pants and they are perfect. They come in a lot of colors, too. The website is and if you register with the site you get a code for free shipping with an order of more than $50.
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  2. by   barbaratruth
    I had similar fears about how the uniform would look and fit. Our school had custom style uniform tops (any white pants were acceptable) and we could only buy them at one store. I called the store and inquired ahead of time about sizing. I was one of the first to purchase the uniform because I heard they only ordered so many of each size. Students who waited until the last minute, ran into a few issues. Don't want until the last minute. Everything worked out.

    I had to accept myself in my less than perfect body, made sure my uniform was neatly pressed, hair in place, and went out in the clinical community with a professional attitude. My presence in the clinical setting was about helping others and being therapeutic (they teach this to students in nursing school, which is required curriculum on how to be nonjudgmental).

    In my nursing school, the only clinical assessments we did in our groups were B/P, pulse, respiratory, heart sounds. We were told to wear comfortable clothing the days for these skills. All other clinical skills were performed on manikens and the patients in the hospital. You will find a clinical partner who you will be able to trust.

    Personally, I felt uncomfortable on a few occasions, but I realized I had to surrender to the process.

    One of the positive benefits of attending nursing school was the awareness of how uncomfortable I was about my own body image. This helped me to bring greater sensitivity to every patient I worked with in the clinicals. I also gained more knowledge about taking better care of myself. It is a slow process and I have lost 20 pounds in the past year (making small changes).
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  3. by   tatarn2b2007
    On topic, my nursing school picked the place we had to get our scrubs and they had every size imaginable and we all looked pretty good. Well, maybe not the larger girl who wore really tight white pants with a blue thong, but most of us looked cute!
    I am a larger person myself for sure. It may not appear that I swim 45 minutes/day and can do a 40 mile bike ride, but I most certainly do. I did this throughout school plus worked 2 part time jobs too. I think I am going to do a fine job of representing health care, but thanks for your concern.
  4. by   nurse2btracy
    Thanks to all for giving me your experiences.

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  5. by   firstyearstudent
    The uniform company we were instructed to buy from did not have a size to fit one of our students. He bought white scrubs instead. I am sure that the administration will make a concession if their provider is unable to fit you (it's not your fault). They also let this guy buy white running shoes because he couldn't find nursing shoes to fit.
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  9. by   MB37
    Suzy mentioned something that I hadn't thought of - I'm not plus-sized (yet, but haven't so much been working out since NS started) but I am 6 feet tall. There are only 2 brands of jeans that fit me, and it hadn't even crossed my mind to worry about scrubs. Thankfully, we just have to have all white, and can buy from anyone. I'm making a note that Landau offers tall - does anyone else? Thanks!
  10. by   apnea
    i think Dickies offers tall sizes...but i'm 5'3 on a good day with shoes on, i know nothing of the vertically gifted

    Is it the norm for students to practice on eachother? i'm waaaay too fat to do the bra/panties thing in public
  11. by   Soon2BPaeds
    We practiced transfers, positioning, bed baths (in shorts and t-shirts), mannual BP, breath and heart sounds on each other but everything else we did on the special teaching dummies.
  12. by   apnea
    this is absolutely terrifying
  13. by   Bonny619
    We did no bed bath practicing and all of us turned out just fine and are pros at it now.