Please, I need more help with shoes

  1. Sorry to bring this up again, but I am at a loss. I desperately wanted the Dansko shoes to work for me, but with my narrow heel, it isn't going to happen. I have to have a backed shoe for school. I tried the Dansco Professional and found that if the length fits they are falling off at the heel, and if they are the correct width my toes are smashed against the front of the shoe (well, one of them anyway, one foot is 1/2 size larger than the other). The lady at the store said all of the backed Danscos would fit the same.

    I really need a shoe to protect my back, shoulders, alignment, etc so an athletic shoe won't be enough support for me. I really need a shoe like Dansco. Price is really a low consideration at this point, since I'll be wearing them over a long period of time -- it's an investment.

    Please, if anyone can lead me in the right direction to a good shoe, I'd really appreciate it! I need them by Monday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, hehe.
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  3. by   Dr. Kate
    Do you have some particular problem that precludes a walking shoe? If so, you might want to get in to see a podiatrist and get him or her to point you in the right direction. A poditrist can also fit you with orthotics that will help with alignment, posture, etc.
  4. by   Jenn_RN
    Well no, I don't have a medical condition or anything, it's just one of my "things" (you know, everyone has a "thing"...right?? ). Anyway, my mom always drilled in me that I have to have the best shoes to protect my feet and back (has since I was a kid, drove me crazy then!). I don't know if it really helps, but I figure with all of the working I'll do on my feet, it surely can't hurt.
  5. by   KRVRN
    Well, correctly fitting Danskos ARE loose and sloppy at the heel. As I was told by the store employees when I tried some on, they are really a clog that HAPPENS to have some material around the heel so it "passes" as a non-clog closed-heel shoe for people that have that as a requirement at work/school.
  6. by   catch33er
    I second Kristi's response. I've worn Dansko's for the last three years (just started Nursing school, so now I have neato white ones), and they should not fit on the back. They're "fake" closed-heel shoes.
  7. by   Rena RN 2003
    i third the dansko. the material at the heel isn't supposed to "fit". it's supposed to "slide" without rubbing.

    are you looking for a form fitting shoe that offers ankle support?
  8. by   kcrnsue
    I asked a question about shoes about a week ago. There were several good suggestions. Check the general nursing discussion. I posted the question on 11/13
  9. by   Mkue
    JEN, I have the Dansko closed back clogs, Style 606 010101, they feel really good, my feet aren't narrow tho, just regular.. it would be best to try shoes on if you have a narrow foot..

    Mine are clogs but they are closed-back and look like normal shoes really. Have no problems with them, very comfortable.

    Hope you find a pair that you like.
  10. by   RNforLongTime
    I have a pair of Dansko Professionals and I hate them! After afew hours of wearing them at work, The balls of my feet are killing me! It's one of those Love em or Hate em deals and I for one hate them.
  11. by   kimtab
    Why do you feel that well-fitting atheletic shoes will not be supportive enough for you? I would try some on if I were you, just for the sheer variety of fits you will find- I think you may be more likely to find something that works than with a nursing shoe. I wear New Balance to clinical and have no problems. I have a history of foot prob's so I am with you on the good shoes thing.

  12. by   Dr. Kate
    As my Aunt Bea said, if your feet hurt your whole body hurts.
    Try a good walking shoe, not running, not cross training, a true walking shoe cuz that's what nurses do. Then, get a new pair every six months. Oh, and be sure they feel good from day one. If they feel best at 5 1/2 months, they didn't give you the support you needed at day one.
  13. by   LilgirlRN
    Try New Balance, they come in widths, lace the shoe up until you get one eye from the top. Take the string and feed it into the last hole fromt eh same side...dont cross it over. This puts the string on the underneath side. Take the lace from one side and feed it under the little strap you've just made on the opposite side, do this iwth both sides. This pulls the heel up tighter, many runners do this and the sales person may be able to show you what I am talking about.
  14. by   PennyLane
    I love my Dansko's. I'm going the outlet to get another pair in a couple of weeks. I, too, have narrow feet, and what they others said applies for me too--they don't 'fit' at the heel. They're loose. The salesperson said that's how they should fit.