Please, be honest!

  1. how many of you have already started studying for next semester?

    i have to come clean! i have purchased most of my books. i would have purchased them all, but some are not in, yet. in dosage & calculations, i have completed all exercises through ch 4. in fundamentals, i have read the first 3 chapters and completed all definitions, study questions & outlines.

    yes, i am a nerd!

    should i be doing anything else? any hints, tips or advice?
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  3. by   StudentSandra
    not this semester!

    but i did before my first semester. lol :d

    the only studying i will be doing over the break is for comp 2. i'm taking the clep test on the friday before classes start.

    which fundementals book are you using? we used kozier. we jumped back and forth a lot, so it doesn't pay to read to far into the book. the drug calculations are probably the best thing to study. are you going into an adn or bsn program?

    good luck and try to relax, you won't be able to after classes start.
  4. by   Nurse Shanta
    I don't think that you are a nerd...I have asked for the Pharmacology syllabus for next semester and I have also bought my books! Good Luck next semester!

    What classes are you taking next semester?
  5. by   moni rn
    sandra: good luck on your clep test! the fundamentals textbook that we are using is written by potter. i am going for my adn, since i already have a bachelors in sports medicine & mathematics. which one are you going for: adn or bsn?

    shanta: thanks for your reply! i am not alone! my classes for next semester are fundamentals of nursing, fundamentals of nursing clinical, nursing skills clinical and dosage & calculations. what are you taking?

    happy holidays ! ! ! !
  6. by   Marianne518
    I guess I am kinda nerdy too!! I got tired of waiting for the bookstore to get my books in for next semester, so I ordered them on online.

    I had to beg and plead to find out what my first chapters would be because my course NEVER follows the books the way they are set up.
  7. by   StudentSandra
    i'm going for the adn moni, see siggy line. lol

    are those all seperate classes? our nursing classes are 10 credit hours, everything is kinda mixed together & we get one grade for the whole semester.
  8. by   Brown Suga
    I am taking pharmacology over the winter intersession to lighten my spring semester load in the ADN program. I am determined to stay ahead in the spring semester now that I know what to expect from the nursing program. I have learned you must be open minded and flexible with work schedule. I am gald I don't have any children because of the demand the program requires.
  9. by   moni rn
    doh!! sorry, sandra! i guess i need to open my eyes and read! *lol*

    all 4 classes are separate. my program is an evening/weekend program, so my schedule is going to be pure h*ll! during the day, i will be working from 7a - 4p. during the week i will be attending classes, on the average, from 5p - 9p. i may have to take 1 or 2 classes on saturday, so i would be in class from 8a - 5p. it is definitely going to be a difficult semester, to say the very least!
  10. by   Ortho_RN
    when in the world are you gonna find time to study??? it sure sounds like you are gonna have a hectic schedule.. good luck.. i am sure you can handle it though..

    as far as studying already.. the stupid bookstore doesn't have the books in yet... they said they will have them all in by the end of december, for us to check back after new year's.... and our teachers told us to start the objectives that are in the 150+pg syllabus.... which we also must purchase in the bookstore...

    i however did find out that we have to do a book report on "bed number ten" by susan baier, so i did go ahead and get that and i am fixing to start reading it... me and my husband are going on a nice 8hr road trip to mississippi for christmas so i will have plenty of reading time..

    good luck on all your studying...
    merry christmas!!
  11. by   peaceful2100
    I have started looking over drug calculations to prepare for the test we have first day back. I have asked about a book list for next semester 3 times and I asked 3 different instructors and none of them have as of yet gave an accurate book list for next semester, or have given accurate days and times for clinicals yet. Talking about frustrating. I want work to do so I am also reviewing everything we did from lecture this semester that just ended to make sure I understand everything and keep it fresh in my mind.
  12. by   pkmom
    I have been trying for a week to get to the bookstore, but something comes up, cold weather, late husband, dinner. I was planning on going tonight, but...late husband. I'm taking an intersession course in Jan so I think I need a head start, though it sounds pretty easy.
  13. by   ladyj
    OK I confess! I have already started studying for next semester, and this semester just ended yesterday. I already know that I have to read 15 pages/day to keep up in Med/Surg. Pretty sad, huh? But I did stay in bed this morning until 11AM, so I am slacking a little bit!
  14. by   Mkue

    Have looked thru books, the ones that are in, studying Cliff Notes for A&PII. Feel like I should be reading textbooks, novels don't sound interesting right now.

    Happy Holidays!