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  1. I'm curious, what is everyone else doing for their pinning ceremony? We took a poll last Monday to see what people preferred and I am disappointed with the results. Out of a class of 88 only 36 said they would go to the party/pinning ceremony!

    The majority of the 36 who responded want to have an informal party (and the party is where the pinning has been taking place) in a park. Is my class unusual or is this a trend everywhere. I guess I feel bad because we work so hard in nursing school and I would like to celebrate with everyone.

    A lot of the people who said they won't go to the party said "go to a bar" or "get drunk". I like to party too but.....

    Anyway, let me know what your class is doing.

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  3. by   nursedawn67
    I never had a "pinning" ceremony, we graduated with all the other college students.

    But one thing I recommend that I didn't do and really regret......get your nursing picture taken with you cap and whites. I didn't do it due to moving out of state and money and now I wish i had. I have no college graduation/nursing pics.
  4. by   nursedawn67
    I forgot to say in my last post.......I recommend to everyone graduating the nursing program..........go to all the events celebrating this. The pinning ceremonies and the informal party. You worked hard to get this far let everyone celebrate with you and congratulate deserve it!
  5. by   Tiggur
    our school said pinning and caps were a thing of the past ...and most of my class seemed disappointed with this ...i am i know ...we work hard for this an we should be allowed a celebration .,,,,,,i think pinning and caps stand for something...anyway thats my thoughts ...curios to see what others have to say ......
  6. by   dawngloves
    'Scuse me while I take a sentimental journey.

    I think it's so sad that pinning ceremonies are considered a "thing of the past". I graduated from a community college 6 years ago and we were all so excited about ours from day one of classes. We hade raffles, beef and beers, bake sales to pay for flowers, year books, pins, ect.
    We put together a slide show for our families. Before we came in the auditorium, we played, "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion, and showed pictures of our loved ones that helped us through our trial of nursing school. We all stood in the hallway bawling. I bawled the whole time I was getting pinned. Almost bawled out my "lantern":imbar
    Some of us went to the "cap and gown" graduation for the college too. But there nothing like sharing one of your proudest moments with the people that helped you get there and understand you the most.

    Have your pinning ceremony. Those that don't go will regret it later.
  7. by   trishfish
    We are required to go to pinning and graduation. I did not know others did not do the same. We were also required to have our pictures with whites and cap. I go to a small community college so maybe it is different at larger colleges.

    Only 65 more days!!!

  8. by   WalMart_ADN
    we have a wonderful capping/pinning very full of tradition and symbolism...only about 3 of our girls are going to the actual cap-and-gown graduation...ours is to much more special, it's so nice to just have the people there that understood every thing you and your family had to go through. they take a class picture and the picture you need for your license there...i can't wait till mine....65 days!
  9. by   crnasomeday
    Our pinning ceremony isn't required, but as far as I know, just about everybody is going to it. Looks like they have a pretty nice, sort of formal, evening planned. They have a dinner and cash bar before the ceremony, and then we get our pins put on by whomever we choose to have do it (in my case it will be my husband). We have to wear caps and gowns for the pinning ceremony and then the next day for our graduation as well. I know lots of people who aren't planning on going to graduation, but I sure am! I feel like I've endured these past four years of torture, now I deserve my moment! Besides....I didn't graduate high school, so I've never been through this type of thing before, and I'm really looking forward to it.

    I think that kind of sucks that some schools are abandoning the pinning ceremonies. You deserve to have this kind of reward for your years of hard work, and it's nice to have the chance to celebrate with your classmates, some of whom you may never see again.
    I graduated from nursing school 4 years ago, and we were required to do pinning and graduation. I can tell you that the pinning was more significant to me. Not that these professions aren't important, but graduation got lost to accountants and business type people. Pinning was about the nurses. It was all of us, who had struggled through the same thing and endured the same tortures. We would just look at each other and cry, because this is what we had all been talking about for sooooo long. And our loved ones, the people who helped get us through it and sacrificed just as much, were there with us. Our instructors pinned us. Very formal affair. It just meant so much.

    Don't make it mandatory, but I would make it an option for people who want it. When you look back, it's what you remember. Pinning was formal and very important. Graduation was where we went out and got wasted

  11. by   raiderron
    We had a Pinning ceremony and the women wore the traditional nursing hats. We all wore white. It meant a lot to me to participate in this ceremony. We were able to chose the person that pinned us. We had voted against the instructors doing the pinning. The majority of us chose "special nurses" that played a special role in us becoming nurses and were role models within the profession. The ones that didn't chose a nurse to pin them had one of their family members that supported them throughout the nursing program do the pinning. We all agreed that we wouldn't change a thing.

  12. by   Agnus
    My LPN pinning was also our graduation. We each chose someone to pin us, a husband, a whole family, a favorite instructor, who ever we wanted. We chose a class member to speak for us. It was held in the gardens of the Govenor's mansion.

    My RN pining took place on the day of graduation a few hours earlier. Each of us wrote out a thank you to those who got us through and as our pinner aproached the stage that graduate's thanks were read by the dean of Nursing. We did the nightengale pledge with modification led by 2 graduates. our nursing class president spoke. then we all attended the colege cap and gown ceremony BUT. WE wore a stethoscope over our gown. AND we positioned ourselves together to go on stage and accept our degrees. Then WE desided that we would all stay on stage until the las nurse accepted her degree and bowed in unison before leaving.

    You were suposed to accept your degree and keep walking off the stage. and you were suposed to be random in appraoacing the stage, i. e. not all persons with the same major together. We had a couple of other people mixed in with us and we nicely asked if they could allow us to cut in front or back of them to do this and they did.

    We though they might make us get off stage, but no one did. They let us have this moment.

    Nuring is different that any of the other degree programs and you build such a bond with other nursing students. We recognized this and wanted to be sure everyone else did too.

    Let's keep these traditions alive. We wore white with caps for the ceremonies. I just wish we could have kept the caps they had to be turned back into the school for the next class. I don't even know were you can buy a cap today.

    Oh my LPN was 1999 my RN 2001.
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  13. by   Lausana
    Angus, I like the idea of wearing stethoscopes with cap & gown--I'll have to tuck that away into memory!
  14. by   rosemadder
    hey everybody, i will not be pinned until next may, 2003 but just reading these stories made me get a lump in my throat!!! at our college (adn program) the first year students host the pinning reception for the graduates. they (the soon to be graduates) have a big calendar in our main classroom where they are counting down the days and i keep thinking --next year it will be me!!! (hope i seem as confident by then as they do now)