1. I am here to explain my situation and hopefully get some good feedback. I am currently taking pharmacology/applied drug therapy. I have studied my tail off, as have the rest of the class. But her exams are extremely difficult. So difficult in fact that half the class is failing. Of those who are passing our grades are between need a 77% in order to pass. Many of us have reached out to her regarding this. Out of 4 exams so far I have passed 2 on a nursing scale....the other two I got a 58% and a 70%. The one everyone failed and the other a majority of the class failed. Her response to the class when we all questioned her about her test coming out of left field was "That was a difficult one, seems like the class is having a hard time applying the concepts".......Anyways, I have used Pharmacology success, the study exams that come with my pharm book, practice pharm tests I find on ******* or quizlet. I study her powerpoint and practice using HESI pharm. PS....we have to take two HESI pharm exams throughout the course which I have scored 950 and over 1000 on! But cannot pass her exams? This isn't just me, I sent out an email regarding my concerns to the entire class and they all agreed. What should I do? I am in a bridge program- this is frustrating because I have maintained 93 or above in all my other nursing courses.
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  3. by   roser13
    Nursing programs are hard. Initial exams are intended to weed out those who have little chances of passing the course.

    Study harder. Don't look for "outs." Accept the fact that class parameters are there to stay. Try to be a survivor.
  4. by   KSjo88
    I have studied harder. The average grade is failing? I am above average on the HESI, which is suppose to be predictive of passing the NCLEX. Actually I'm in the 90th percentile. The highest grade is 78%....a 77% is required to pass. I am already a hospital float nurse.....what exactly are they weeding out when nobody is passing? Do I need to go to the program director or hope she curves the grade. I am in a BSN Bridge program.
  5. by   lhflanurseNP
    If, as you say, "So difficult in fact that half the class is failing", then your class should ask to speak to an academic adviser or the assistant dean. During one of my classes, I remember we were not getting feedback on our papers, tests, post...nothing...for 3 weeks. We contacted our academic adviser and then met with the dean of the nursing college. We had a new instructor within a week.
  6. by   KSjo88
    I am going to call Monday and ask to speak to the program director. How should I approach the conversation? I think her biggest problem is she attempts to write her own questions which are poorly worded or have errors and they become difficult to follow or just plain understand. This is about 50-60% of her exam questions and about 15% on information not even covered. For example, we will cover the information the next week and I'll be like "wow that would have been nice to know for last weeks exam!" I am at the very end of the BSN program and this has me extremely overwhelmed. I had a 3.8 in my associate program and a 3.76 in my BSN program thus far.
  7. by   kakamegamama
    Have you met individually with the instructor? Meet with her first, follow the chain of command if there is no improvement. Don't speculate about the reason for failure, but talking to her will help clarify.
  8. by   KSjo88
    Yes, her answers are vague. This is an online program. When she is approached her response emails are "Follow the syllabus" "Please see syllabus" "That was a tough one" the last one where the average grade was 50% her response was "Looks like the class is having difficulty applying the concepts"....she cant be for real! We are all nurses already. She tests on 20-25 chapters every other week. She tells us to "just breath, it will all be ok". Like really I am paying cash for school. I have a lot to lose and I know we all are taking the class seriously. I have asked if she would provide extra credit or the ability to revise any homework assignments for a better grade and the answer is no.
  9. by   ~♪♫ in my ♥~
    Whenever I see that "half the class is failing," I always wonder what the other half has figured out that so many others are missing.

    Is this a brand new instructor or one that's been teaching in the program for awhile. If it's the former, you may have a solid argument; with the latter, though, you may have to simply accept it for what it is.
  10. by   KSjo88
    When I say the other half are passing it is because they have a 77 or 78%......there is 20 of us in the class....about 5 of us are passing with a 77-78%. Given that passing is a 77%. I have a 78% I would hardly claim that as successful. She wont even drop an exam the entire class failed. When I looked her up on the school directory it looks like she is or was the director of the program. That is what leads me to believe she is just filling in to teach a summer class. Not to mention her 9 pages of questions that require written answers per week for 10 points towards a 1000 point class. My mom is a pharmacist for 25 years I had her look over my stuff and inquired her opinion. Her response was her questions are poorly written and vague. Almost as if you are suppose to be reading her mind.
  11. by   applewhitern
    You would have already failed if you had been in my class. We had to make 84 or above on every test, except any math test, which we had to make 90 or above on. Anything less and you were automatically failed out of the class. 66 of us started together in my class, but only 22 of us made it to graduation! This was an ADN program, so it was fast-paced and extremely strict. When I went to a BSN program, I was shocked at how easy it was, a 70 was passing there! A typical nursing test question will have 2 possible answers; you have to pick which right answer is "the most right" for that situation. In one post, you said something about prediction of passing NCLEX, then in another you said "we are all nurses already." Are you an RN in a BSN program? I guess I am confused.
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  12. by   Simplistic
    Sounds like you just have a really crappy teacher :/ Im sorry.
  13. by   popopopo
    Turn the important stuff in her powerpoints to flashcards and start from there. Don't rely on too many outside sources like it sounds like you're doing. Find the book she's pulling this stuff from and read the summary or do the questions if you have to.
  14. by   umbdude
    If you're scoring 950+ on HESI, had a 3.8 GPA from your ADN and 3.76 so far, you should not be borderline-failing a pharm course. If the ones who are passing the class are averaging 77-80%, I think there's an issue with this professor.

    The good thing is that you're already a nurse and failing a course isn't going to ruin your career completely (like it would if you're pre-license). But you still deserve fair and consistent grading policy. Honestly, if I were you I would gather the other students and collectively write an email to the Dean and skip the chain of command (you already had 4 exams and she might be a contract teacher). Demand extra help so you can pass.