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  1. How about start with a better barrier for entry into NP school? Imagine making the curriculum harder only to have a hypothetical 70% graduation rate- schools will never allow that. The crop of students entering will be elevated. Can we add another method other than GPA? More stringent undergrad requirements maybe? Another thing that bothers me is that part-time schooling really reduces the difficulty level of NP education. Medical concepts isn't necessary difficult to absorb, but the volume of information thrown at an average PA or medical student is enormous. The adage goes that it's like drinking from a firehose. If we add more "hard science" like ghillbert suggested, we should discriminate against the ability to take courses part-time. The above are my opinion and I understand incorporating them will cause a slew of other problems too .
  2. popopopo

    Remedial Courses before applying? (TX)

    Hello guys, I'm a new grad working in Houston. I was wondering if anyone applied to ANP school around the area, specifically UTHouston, and was ALLOWED to take remedial courses. I worked a lot in nursing school with a mediocre cumulative GPA, and I just want to prove that I'm serious about my career. Killing the GRE before summer is my goal, and taking upper level courses this fall is the next step. Do you think taking upper level science courses will help polish my resume a bit?
  3. popopopo

    BSN needed to work in Texas?

    The Methodist hospital system in Houston only hires BSN nurses now.
  4. popopopo

    BSN New Grads

    Some hospitals are taken apps now for fall grads! Don't wait, go look at sites every day and get in touch with recruiters.
  5. popopopo

    Home health pay per visit rate in DFW area

    I did a shadowing day for HH in nursing school, liked it a lot actually. My preceptor told me he was getting $40 a visit and the goal was to get "6 points" or so a day. A routine visit would be one point, an assessment would be worth 2 points, etc. This was in the DFW area. I'm glad you chose HH, it seems really relaxing and none of the politics of being a floor nurse. Hope it helps!
  6. popopopo

    In the state of Texas can a GN work as a CNA?

    I was in your situation. Only Baylor would hire me as a "PCT" but not a nurse tech. I'm thinking it took a certification to be a nurse tech? Every other institution in the DFW area would not hire me.
  7. popopopo

    studying for nclex in 2 weeks...

    I didn't have the Kaplan course, busy doing orientation for my job and moving to a new city. I did less than 200 questions from the Kaplan book and Saunder's (don't remember anything test day). On the Kaplan, both 180 question test I made in the 50%'s. I blame it on horsing around, never really sat down and really try to finish it in one go. I got freaked out by all the people doing thousands of questions on here, but it was too late for me to reschedule- still passed first time! My best advice to you is to get that book from Lacharity. I was really surprised how many priority questions were on the test, and how random some of the questions were. Studying content didn't help me at all. I felt I always narrowed it down to two, and pretty much had to make my nursing judgment on which to pick.
  8. popopopo

    Took nclex RN yesterday. now we wait...

    ^Sunday isn't a working day for them.
  9. popopopo

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Texas must be slow, PVE is only showing that generic pop-up for me!
  10. popopopo

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    Huh, I was about to accept the fact that PearsonVue wouldn't work for Satuday exams. Well, now the site's down and I can't check : /.
  11. popopopo

    Now the waiting begins......

    Took test almost 2 hours ago, still got the generic pop-up from PVE! It's killing me!
  12. popopopo

    Hospitals no longer hiring nurses with their ADN?

    The Methodist Houston only hires BSN now.
  13. popopopo

    DFW Area Hospitals GPA Requirements

    Baylor prefers NURSING GPA of at least 3.0. They will have your entire transcript though.
  14. popopopo

    Methodist Hospital

    10Jones and 7Main. I'm leading towards one heavily right now, but being that it's mid May and no job, I'm not letting either escape me. :)
  15. popopopo

    Methodist Hospital

    Wow... Dallas range from 22-24. Glad I have 2 interviews there this week!