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I am currently a LPN student set to graduate in 8 weeks. I am enrolled in a bridge to RN program beginning in June of this yr. I am interested in hearing from surrounding areas (I am from KY) as to... Read More

  1. by   flowerwoman99
    how do i put a picture up like other people have dolphins smilley faces etc
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    how do i put a picture up like other people have dolphins smilley faces etc

    Go to your profile and look for the avitars.
  3. by   paula77720
    just got licensed as an LPN and was hired by agency to work in ambulatory clinic at $21.

    Upon graduation in June, got an offer to work in a top hospital as a GN for 30/hr -- roughly around 60K + if i work evenings or nites, additional $5,200 -- you're talking about starting 65K for a fresh grad with associate degree. Not bad at all.

    Only in NYC
  4. by   star0910

    I'm might be starting an LPN program this spring, I hope I get and offer like you did!!!

    Congrats!!!! and good luck!!!
  5. by   ohnurse
    I live in Cincinnati,Oh. LPN's make between $17-21/hr on staff. If you go through an agency you can make $23-25/hr. in long term care. My friend just got a job at Christ Hospital and she makes $24.00/hr on evenings with her $4.00/ hr shift diff. She is on a m/s unit if she would have gone on tele she could have also gotten a $30,000 sign-on bonus paid over three years for a three yr commitment. I make 26/hr on staff currently as an RN and through the agency I make from $33-45/hr for hospital and $30-35/hr in LTC. We have good rates in Cincinnati. I believe that Covington is getting better with there rates.
    Good Luck!
  6. by   Mario Rodriguez
    I know of a company that has positions open all over the Us and they are negotiating decent wages for their hires. They are always looking for PICU and NICU nurses I guess with that excellent level of care you guys give lends to the demand for you. If you are intersted in hearing more about this send me a personal email to
  7. by   nursemary9

    Come on up to Chicago.our starting pay is about $21.00/hr. where I work.

    i think some places in the city are even higher!!
  8. by   angel337
    in chicago, most new RN's base pay is 21.50-22.00. some of the shift diffs are any where from $3-$6. down state illinois pays alot less, like $16-$17 because its a more rural area and cheaper to live.
  9. by   marilynmom
    Here in Oklahoma the starting pay is $17/hr, most nurses make more than that though with weekend, night, etc differential and it depends on what hospital you work for. If you work for an agency or per diem you will make over $30/hr as an RN. The cost of living here is one of the lowest in the nation as well

  10. by   apexsw20trd
    i am not an RN or a LPN as a matter of fact i am not even in the medical feild but LPN in honolulu hawaii get about $12-$15 per hour. and RN's get about $21-$23 per hour.

    most hospitals in hawaii are unionized so if your a RN and have worked for one hospital for about 2-3 years your pay from $23 jumps to $27per hour in 2-3 years of commitment. in about 5 eyars with teh same hospital you can make upt to $32 per hour.
  11. by   DoctorRN
    Go to to get an idea of pay for RN, LPN or whatever in your city.
  12. by   dwag
    do you know about upstate new york new grad pay?
  13. by   DoctorRN
    22.31/hour or 44750 per year depending on venue.

    courtesy of