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it's bad enough that the uniforms our school requires are so gross. button on apron & zip up top. because of the way the top are designed we all look like bells. all white with green trim. enough... Read More

  1. by   jjjoy
    While it's a pain to not be able to wear the most comfortable things to work, wearing white pants doesn't have to be horrible. There ARE pants out there that are made of thicker material (eg Cherokee professional). And it's good for you to wear some kind of hose anyway for your blood circulation. If not hose, then thin beige leggings. They're not as tight but still provide some support and don't make your feet sweat since they stop at the ankles. And they cover whatever panties you wear. And give extra layers and protection for "that time of the month."

    I think it's actually kinda weird to think of having nothing but one thin layer of cloth between my skin and whatever else is out there in the hospital. It's kind of reassuring to have an undershirt on under my top and hose or leggings under my pants.
  2. by   psalm
    One of our med nurses calls thongs "butt floss". A good description, eh?
  3. by   momx4
    Quote from southernatheart
    These rules are written because in EVERY clinical group there's THAT PERSON. You know him/her....ours showed up in his whites with RED POLKADOT BOXERS. For everyone to see. And yes, he got sent home.

    Yes there is always that student. We had someone announce in the middle of clinical that she didnt have panties on at all. Our instructor was mortified and said i hope you dont loose your pants. So for returning this year our new handbook says undergarments must be worn. :spin: We also have to wear white panties and our uniforms are sold royal blue scrubs. Dont get it but I am not sweating the small stuff to many other things to be stressing about.
    If it makes you feel any better we were told down to the socks. We are NOT allowed to wear ankle socks must be crew socks or knee socks because the director hates ankle socks.
  4. by   Eirene
    don't sweat it, i think all colleges with credibility have a dress code, including undergarments.

    i was going to let this thread die down, but i have a funny story about my first day at clinicals...

    i bought the "tummy" control panties (beige). when i put them on that morning, i noticed they were especially tight. i thought "no problem, they'll loosen up." um, no. as the morning progressed, they acted like turniquetes to my poor legs-- i was actually losing feeling! holy crap, i didn't know what to do so i just hoped for the best and kept on with my duties.

    finally, our shift was over and it was time for postconference. i couldn't stand it anymore. i went to the bathroom and cut slits up the sides for relief!!! man, it was awful. my friends and i still laugh about it to this day.

    so, when you get your white/beige panties... make sure you buy the right "tummy control" size (if you need that, of course)!