Ok...officially poor now...lol

  1. I just finished buying all of the books & the nurse kit that I need (since ecampus takes forever to deliver what they promise--be careful when you buy from them--they can be slowwwwwwwwww to ship. Half the books they don't even have in stock even though they claim to. And they'll tell you they shipped your book even if they really haven't---so buyer beware).

    Anyways....after spending all of this money, I better pass the class...lol. I still have to get uniforms, shoes, stethescope, etc. & at the same time start lifting weights so I can carry all of these books to class.

    That being said---I do believe I'm ready for class to start on Monday!!!!

    Good luck to the rest of you.

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  3. by   PennyLane
    Good luck in your class! Is this your first semester?
  4. by   Jennerizer
    Thanks! Yes, first semester in the actual nursing program. Have all the pre-req's & co-req's completed.

  5. by   debyan
    good luck
  6. by   Beach_RN
    Good Luck! Don't worry you won't be poor forver! LOL

  7. by   BranRN
    I remember the day I spent hundreds of dollars on books and supplies, now I am starting my LAST semester and have no new books to buy (thank goodness). We use all the books we already bought, thankfully I kept them all and didn't resale them. Good Luck to everyone starting out!

  8. by   Tigger100S
    I was just looking at some of my textbooks for next semester at ecampus, they seem to have some of the better deals, but maybe not if they have shipping problems. I would need my books in 2 weeks. Have you found any more sucess with other online textbook sites?
  9. by   Jennerizer
    I got a couple of books at half.com & one on ebay...but I ordered those long ago. I ordered my books from ecampus on Dec. 20. I probably should have given them more time considering the holidays, but I only needed 3 books & all of them were listed as "in stock, ready to ship within 24 hours" so I figured ordering over 2 weeks in advance would be ok. I even got an email the next day saying they were ready to ship & confirming my order. They claim (after I cancelled the order last night) that they shipped two of the books on Dec. 28th & gave me tracking numbers. I looked up the tracking numbers at the USPS & for one it had no listing at all & the other said they were notified by the shipper that this item would be shipping soon. The third book, ecampus did not have in stock & were still trying to locate it. As of today, they still hadn't found it. I know there are some people that do get their books right away, so I know it isn't a bad company all together. I just don't understand why they list things saying they are in stock & ready to ship when they aren't. They were quick on the cancellation order which I am happy about. I thought for sure I'd get the run around. They told me if I didn't want the books that had been shipped, to just mark them "return to sender" & they will credit my account when they receive them back. Hopefully that will go smoothly.

    One book ended up costing a penny more at my bookstore (new) & the other was like $4 more....so I did alright & I have peace of mind that I have all the books I need.

    My advice.......buy way in advance if you are purchasing online. And definitely check out half.com----some of the books are used, but some of them are brand new & offered at a pretty good discount. I saved $20 on one book alone & it looks like no one even used it. Check the seller's ratings to see what other say about whether they are satisfied with the purchase before you buy. Ecampus sells on there too & I found that they had more satisfied customers than complaining ones----but the ones that did complain had the same problem I did.

  10. by   TeresaRN2b
    Oh I am so jealous! Ok, not of having to spend the money, but getting to spend it. Ok, sounds nuts, but we have been saving every penny we have for me to go to school and are just so broke these days. I am just dying to finally get to go. Oh well August isn't that far away. GOOD LUCK to you! I am sure you will do great!
  11. by   NurseWeasel
    Good luck, have fun. You're a week ahead of me! =)
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by jennerizer
    thanks! yes, first semester in the actual nursing program. have all the pre-req's & co-req's completed.

    jen, all the best to you.
  13. by   zacarias

    Good job on starting the nursing classes on Monday. I go back to 5th quarter on Monday and they had us buy two new expensive books! Even the last quarter, we have to buy a few books, it's amazing!

  14. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Hi everyone,

    I start on the 8th!!

    I too have spent lots of $ on books and etc. I started buying things that I would need, early (i.e. BP Cuff, etc.) You know things that would not be out dated by the beginning of the semester. So, by the time the semester started I felt I wouldn't have to put out such a lump sum.

    Well, last Thursday my husband and I stopped by the bookstore to pick up the last few books. Well, walking out the door of the bookstore I was in tears and laughter.... That last trip cost me $172.00.. LOL What also made it funny was that my husband wasn't concerned/interested/amazed at the $ amount. He was amazed at the size of the books.....

    He is just a few hours away from an associates degree. His comment... he had never seen anything like it... LOL
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