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Hey i was wondering if a few of you could tell me what the hardest part about nursing school has been for you?I plan on going next fall so any input would be helpful!Thanks in advance!... Read More

  1. by   shescoolie
    As most everyone has said, time management is the hardest part. This is my 3rd week and I am trying to juggle 4 classes. So far I'm doing well though!!
  2. by   R.NICU
    i don't think it's particularly difficult all the time, but it's definitely time consuming. And your family and friends won't understand how busy you are. Be prepared for little to no life outside of work.
  3. by   sweetiepi
    Time management.
  4. by   kwantiko
    Reading on here that there are no jobs for new grads
  5. by   Fundamentals(1986)
    Im in my 3rd week in an RN program and I dont work at all. Parents give me money and told me to pay them back after I get my degree. Like Loans! So time is not an issue for me. But the Lecture class is very hard. There is a lot of studying. 20 or so chapters on just ONE test. and I havent even started rotations yet.... the checkoffs are no problem and just require practice. Skills lab only require attendence. and i heard clinicals is hard too because of case studies... if thats what they are called. "/ im overwhelmed half the time. im overwhelmed just sitting here typing and thinking about it xDDD
  6. by   anon321d
    I know what you mean I had my doubts at first,but I had to look at it this way hopefully when I graduate five years from now(I don't start school til' next fall)we'll be out of this economic mess.Nursing is definitely one of my passions so I have to keep an optimistic attitude and hope for the best!Keep your head up high, things suck right now but eventually it will get better!Good luck to you all!Hugs!
  7. by   anon321d
    Sorry Fundamentals(1986) my last reply was to the poster before you(my bad)!
  8. by   dodgegirl713
    For me it is all the reading I have. There are not enough hours in the day to get it done and work. My mind would wander onto other things that needed to be done besides the reading.
    Also there was the whole OB rotation. I do not have an intrest in that part of nursing.
    All the papers I have had to write. There was a lot of research needing to be done for them.
    Time management. I sucked at it when I started NS 2 yrs ago. It has become better but still needs improvement.
  9. by   NurseMercy
    I didn't get to read all the previous posts but I can tell you that I agree 100% with the ones that mentioned time managment and SLEEP! I'm just finishing my first quarter (Pharm, Patho, Health Assessment and Drug Calculations) and I have NEVER felt so tested to my physical, mental and spiritual breaking points!!!! I have one more week to go before a much needed 2 week break and I sear I would give my next 5 birthdays for it to be right now. All I can tell you is that if this is what you truly want to whatever it takes and be prepared for some serious blood, sweat, and tears!

    And it's only my first quarter!!!!!! SHEESH!
    Nothing comes easy and there has never been a time in my life where those words don't ring true-er. (Is that a word? true-er?)

    Good luck to you! And if you want it bad enough, you'll get through it!

    -Proud student of passing 1st quarter (and wife, mom to 3 who are all under 10)!!!!

    p.s. this is my first post but have been a HUGE fan of this site since I decided to go back to school which was about 2 years ago!
  10. by   Le'chaim
    I am also a wife/mom and am starting my 2nd year in a 3 year grad entry program. Bring on the organization and prioritization, its been sink or swim! I noticed that most students including me, have developed anxiety and have had to learn how to cope with that. All lot of us are over-achievers and have learned to be accepting of our imperfection.