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New to Nursing! Currently in my First Semester of the RN program

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  1. Fundamentals(1986)

    Need help finding a job at Hospital

    Hi everyone, I used to be a nursing student and was in a RN program for 3 semesters. However I had to leave because of some issues. I am trying to get back in. I am however looking for a job at a hospital, but as a student, I currently have no certifications. Also, some require to be actively in a nursing program, but I am not anymore at this moment. Are there are titles in the hospital that I can get a job as that will aid me in the nursing program? I want a job that will help me in my nursing career. I believe everything Ive seen such as the nursing assistant, CNA and etc all require certifications. Thank you all for your help. Any information is appreciated. -Fundamentals(1986)-
  2. Fundamentals(1986)

    Second Semester with Med Surg and Mental Health

    Hi everyone, I started my second semester of the nursing program this previous tuesday and we are already having a test next week. First semester with Fundamentals was very hard and difficult and I am just curious how hard second semester is compared to first semester. And also, how hard is the Mental health lecture class? any tips or suggestions?
  3. Fundamentals(1986)

    What should I expect? New nursing student, begining Jan 2010.

    I'm more of a some A and B student. and for me.. I passed nursing first semester with lots of intense studying it was a totally different scenario for me. and im really excited to go to second semester on jan 19. What i can say is.. it requires a lot of studying. the majority of my class were stressed out because of the amount of the material being covered over each test. the test has very little to do with memorizing like what is required for A&P, pharm, patho, micro and etc. Its all situation type questions and you have to understand in depth in order to answer the question. there might be 2 questions being right, but 1 might be MORE right. Sample questions helped me a lot. So try to get a book with sample questions. good luck and congrats on the acceptance =DDDD
  4. Fundamentals(1986)

    "Blocked" from Nursing Program Help

    yes i can. i was planning to print out my text messaging record and my incoming/outcoming record to show them if this deliemma gets carried away. i hope nothing serious happens
  5. Fundamentals(1986)

    "Blocked" from Nursing Program Help

    I recieved an email saying I was "blocked" due to test taking irregularity. During finals i accidently had my cellphone on me when i walked into the testing center. The phone did not ring during the test or anything because i turned it off when i was group studying with my friends before the final. After i took the final i walked out of the testing center and went to grab my keys and realized i still had my cellphone with me. I was really happy with my grade so i wanted to let my friends know about it. So.... as i was talking out of the center. i pulled my phone out. They held me back and wrote up my Student ID, cell phone number and course number. and says its up to the teacher about what happens to me. i talked to my teacher the day after and told her my incident. she said it was ok and to not worry about it. The test was on Dec 7. i talked to her on dec 8. and now today, the 11th. i received the email from the dean of nursing saying im "blocked". I did NOT cheat whatsoever. i wouldnt risk being kicked out by looking at a cellphone during a test. everyone that takes the computerized test are facing the wall so our backs are facing the staff members. it would be hard to cheat if anyone attempted it. i need advice on what to do. what to say. etc. i dont want to get kicked out when i know i didnt do anything unethical.
  6. Fundamentals(1986)

    Major Careplan Project HELP w/ Patho Statement

  7. Fundamentals(1986)

    Major Careplan Project HELP w/ Patho Statement

    I have a major careplan project that requires 3 careplans and 3 pathophysiology statements. I have completed 3 careplans and 1 pathophysiology statement and I am having a problem trying to figure out 2 more medical conditions to write pathos on. I dont need anyone to write out any patho statements for me or anything .. I just need opinions to point me in the right direction to think of 2 more patho statement topics. About the Pt Pt was climbing up a ladder and slipped because the ladder was wet, his right leg was caught in one of the slots and twisted so it fractured his right tibial lateral condyle and another fracture at the head of the fibula. He has already had his surgery and if I remember right (which i should know ), I think he has bolts and screws to attach and put things together, I DONT THINK he had a knee replacement. But the doctor DID tell him that he might end up getting arthritis because of the injury. He also has a history of hyperthyroidism and hypercholesterolemia. Abnormal labs are increased glucose and decreased platelet. The hospital careplan says Primary diagnosis: Rt Tibial Plateau Fx (so a fracture at the top of the tibia) problem #1: altered musculoskeletal function problem #2: altered vascular function problem #3: ALTERATION IN COMFORT problem #4: alteration in skin integrity problem #5: altered neurological function problem #6: high risk for DVT problem #7: Risk for injury My Careplans 1.) psychosocial careplan about "Fear/Anxiety R/T body functioning AEB verbalization of feeling anxious 2.) top priority careplan about "Risk for ineffective tissue perfusion R/T peripheral pooling of blood associated with decreased activity" 3.) Collaborative careplan about "Thromboembolism R/T venous stasis associated with decreased activity, positioning during, following, and after surgery." My pathophysiology statements 1.) Osteoarthritis 2.) ?? what about patho on Fracture? or specific fracture of the tibia? 3.) ?? and no idea here
  8. Fundamentals(1986)

    Do you think this was unfair?

    I think the head instructor should not have done that. It was only the 1st careplan. We go through 3 careplans every week. If it were a major care plan... it probably would be reasonable for the intructor to deal with this like that. If it was the head instructor that treated you like that, and if I were you, I would go to the dean and tell him/her everything that you just said in here.
  9. Fundamentals(1986)

    Need help with topic for a Teaching Plan

    Hey everyone I have a problem, Im not sure if you guys have to do teaching plans, but at my school its required for clinicals. It's pretty self-explanatory, just something to teach the patient, but we have to demonstrate it in front of the class. My problem is, thinking of a subject to teach. Previous topics are DVT, UTI, wounds" I picked Tissue perfusion but the professor says it cant be a diagnosis. Any topic suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!
  10. Fundamentals(1986)

    Test 3 TOMORROW!! need HELP ASAP

    Why didn't I think of a drug book before... sigh. Thanks Dolce, I appreciate it. I found my answer and thanks for the quick reponse. "Interactions are - May inhibit diuretic reponse. Use together cautiously." My minds like scrambled eggs right now as you can tell . Sorry for the embarassing questions :imbar. Thank you jak, i will definitly look up into the CHF. and thanks for you input about Tylox. That cuts a portion down knowing its an opiate :) I will research in the drug book for further answers. Thanks you two for inputs!
  11. Fundamentals(1986)

    Test 3 TOMORROW!! need HELP ASAP

    Im having a test 3 tomorrow and im very confused with 2 things. Maybe you guys can help me . Please! any inputs would be great for the test, im really stressed out about it. Well.. here it goes. 1. I'm still quite not thorough over Lasix :confused:.... because, I cant figure out how Lasix interacts with Ibuprofen and i heard we had to know about that "/. I know Lasix is a diuretic a it promotes loss of potassium from the body during urination, and Ibuprofen being an NSAID, it does not depress the CNS or the bladder system in any way like how opiates do. Ive been reading back and forth trying to figure out it interacts but i have no clue. 2. And what precautions to take when you are on Tylox. Its an opiate i THINK and i'm reading that we need to watch out if the pt has asthma, hypotension and seizures. ANY input would be great. Hopefully someone will answer before i have to go in for test 3
  12. Fundamentals(1986)


    Im not doing so well.... I really want to be a nurse to set a good example for nurses, heal patients, and maybe be able to teach in nursing school. I do good in memorizing classes such as A&P Patho Pharm Micro and math classes like Chem, got all A's and B's but I dont test well in Fundamentals. I studied hard on my first 2 tests and both are below 70. I am not able to critical think, and know which important assesment goes first. Clinicals is going good so far, Check-offs are going good so far, but I think Fundamentals is going to kick me out of nursing school . i have a Test 3 this monday-thursday. And im studying hard as usual, hopefully i will do good because im starting to lose motivation because its just disappointing to study hard and to recieve grades like this..
  13. I have a client who has had a knee replacement in May 2009 because her cartilages got ground down and it was just bone on bone. The surgery went fine. But she was reamitted to the hospital 2 days ago because the wound got infected. Pt stated that the scab got accidently ripped off and she pressed the infected area and puss shot out. She knew it wasnt normal so she went to the hospital finding out she has to undergo surgery agian. My problem is, this is my first care plan and im stuck trying to think of a diagnoses. She did not allow me to see the wound so i could not find any symptoms. So is it Risk of Infection R/T what? Is it Risk of Infection R/T opening in skin due to surgery? This is making me fustrated
  14. Fundamentals(1986)

    Not doing well in school. Need advice.

    I got a 60 on my first Fundamentals test. For that first test I studied powerpoints made from the lecture teacher, the study guide she made us and read the chapters. After that I knew I had to buckle down if I were to do good on my next test. Well my 2nd test was today and I got a 64. I read every chapter, SUMMARIZED each one onto microsoft word so I can review them without reading all the chapters over agian. Did the practice questions behind each chapter, and reading the rationals. Even did MORE questions on a a study guide book that BELONGED to the lecture book. Read powerpoints. Studied my own study guide along with 2 other students study guides. I even went to a study group before the test 2 to review the study guide with them. I was able to answer questions we all made up. They ended up making 80+. There must be something I'm doing wrong. How did you guys study for the test? Any tips? I dont want to be kicked out of nursing school because I really want to graduate. Plus I dont want to be kicked out of 1st semester either.. seems embarrassing. I think my problem is, I see two answers that could possibly be right and I choose the wrong one. Or, I'm just not good with situational problems. I A's and B's in Pharm Patho and Anat, but studied 2x 3x 4x hard for fundamentals test. Studying so much and then recieveing a 64 really puts me down and lowers my self-esteem alot.
  15. Fundamentals(1986)

    How are you holding up with school?

    Not doing good:sniff:, didnt do well on my first fundamentals test, and second one is right around the corner on friday and i do not feel prepared. I wish it was more like anatomy or patho or pharm where its just memorizing. I cant apply nursing process correctly to situational type questions. i would have to do everything in real life hands on in order to use critical thinking, i cant apply it to paper:sniff:. And even with the check-offs, i sometimes past first attempt, but the majority is on the 2nd attempt, 1 was even third..... everything is going downhill and im feeling discouraged and losing motivation and determination. . i hope i do well on the second test, it will boost my self-esteem.