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Major Careplan Project HELP w/ Patho Statement


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I have a major careplan project that requires 3 careplans and 3 pathophysiology statements. I have completed 3 careplans and 1 pathophysiology statement and I am having a problem trying to figure out 2 more medical conditions to write pathos on. I dont need anyone to write out any patho statements for me or anything :D.. I just need opinions to point me in the right direction to think of 2 more patho statement topics.

About the Pt

Pt was climbing up a ladder and slipped because the ladder was wet, his right leg was caught in one of the slots and twisted so it fractured his right tibial lateral condyle and another fracture at the head of the fibula. He has already had his surgery and if I remember right (which i should know :o ), I think he has bolts and screws to attach and put things together, I DONT THINK he had a knee replacement. But the doctor DID tell him that he might end up getting arthritis because of the injury. He also has a history of hyperthyroidism and hypercholesterolemia. Abnormal labs are increased glucose and decreased platelet.

The hospital careplan says

Primary diagnosis: Rt Tibial Plateau Fx (so a fracture at the top of the tibia)

  1. problem #1: altered musculoskeletal function
  2. problem #2: altered vascular function
  3. problem #3: ALTERATION IN COMFORT
  4. problem #4: alteration in skin integrity
  5. problem #5: altered neurological function
  6. problem #6: high risk for DVT
  7. problem #7: Risk for injury

My Careplans

1.) psychosocial careplan about "Fear/Anxiety R/T body functioning AEB verbalization of feeling anxious

2.) top priority careplan about "Risk for ineffective tissue perfusion R/T peripheral pooling of blood associated with decreased activity"

3.) Collaborative careplan about "Thromboembolism R/T venous stasis associated with decreased activity, positioning during, following, and after surgery."

My pathophysiology statements

1.) Osteoarthritis

2.) ?? what about patho on Fracture? or specific fracture of the tibia?

3.) ?? and no idea here