Nursing student....I need to pass Micro

  1. I am really nervous about my microbiology class. I can not even use the microscope I need a C+ or better does anyone have any tips or good sites or study references to help.

    Thanks So Much.

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  3. by   nurse-to-be1000
    hi erin,
    i was very nervous about using the microscope but the more you use it the better you will find you get. if you are trying to see something that someone else says is in focus but it is not for you, then refocus the microscope-everyone's eyes are different. the micro class i took had something like 4 all day labs but i would have preferred to have more hands on experience with the microscope. you might think you won't use it as a nurse or np but i have seen mds use the microscope to look at possible yeast samples.
    some possible links are as follows:
    2007 spring micro under pre nursing discussion board

    link to a microbiology website found in another post

    try checking out the pre-nursing student forum under student forums. i found several things under there for micro, a and p etc.
  4. by   shoegalRN
    When I was in Mirco, I found focusing on the gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria to be very beneficial. Later on in the course, you will understand why bacteria do or does not react to antibotics depending on it either being gram positive or gram negative.

    For the time in lab, I don't think I had to use a microscope that much, maybe about the first month of the class, but later on, we incubated and documented results.

    Also, focus on lab because you will see some very important bacteria reactions that may come up on your lecture test (depending on your teacher).

    Also, try Microbiology Made Incredibly Easy by Lippincott.
  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Relax! The more nervous you are the more trouble you will have.

  6. by   KellieNurse06
    I don't know about anyone here...but I found Microbiology 10x easier than A&P.......I don't know why....I think Micro was so much more easier to get.
    I actually really enjoyed it!
    I is all about different bacteria and gram + & gram - .....and yes you will understand as another poster mentioned.....
    We did lots of activities that were also real eye openers....we went around swabbing different things in our school. & grew them out in petrie dishes in the warmer............scary!!!!
    Has anyone else become "over observant" about other people now because of this??? OMG I can't tell you the things people do that are nasty that I never paid attention to before taking micro.....things that make your skin crawl especially!!! makes you want to run!!! rotflmao!!
    You'll do fine in Micro...don't get too nervous!!
  7. by   lovejana22

    i am in micro now, on my i made a 69 on my first test. and i thought i was ready, i am a nervous wreak also. g/l to you, i have my husband helping double time with the kids while in this class. my cousin is a nurse and she told me not to make it harder than it is!!! i was like what????
  8. by   Jilaweez
    I have a difficult time w/the scope sometimes too. I draw a circle on my slides with the red wax pencil and put my specimen in the center of it. When I focus I start on the red pencil and once that's in focus I can move my slide around a find my bacteria fairly easily. As far as the lecture and lab exams...I make notecards for everything. It really helps me to retain all the info. Good luck!
  9. by   ZooMommyRN
    It seems overwhelming and incredibly tough, but it isn't impossible, (I managed a B in this while takin A&P II the same day for the semester and managed an A in there) I loved Micro, wish they had a Micro II at our school, there are quite a few people in my class that haven't taken it yet and are struggling in some areas because the text expects you to know certain things that are taught in micro, pay special attention to the immunology and immunoglobulins, as well as the various T-cells and B-cells, MHC is very important as well, knowing this before hand has really made the past few weeks in Med/Surg actually make sense. Instructor helps also, if the instructor is enthusiastic as ours was, it is alot easier to pay attention and stay focused, Good Luck!!
  10. by   future L&Dnurse
    I really enjoyed Micro and got an A. As has been said above, focus on Gram+ and Gram- first. That's what you will see most of. From what I've seen in clinicals so far, Staphylococcus aureus is the big bad monster of microbiology. Every one of my patients that has had an infection so far, has had a S.aureus infection. I know there are a billion other bad bugs out there, but that's the one I've seen exclusively so far. I found flashcards really helpful, honestly - but I know the helpfullness of flash cards depends on the person. I also focused a lot on the charts in the books. And as Zookeeper said, you *really* want to make sure you get the immune stuff. That will be much more helpful and important to know later on.

    edited to add: also, google is your friend. I used google so much in Micro, if I just wasn't getting a concept. I like this website: but if I had a question about a specific bacteria or test I'd google it. You'll find a lot of junior high and high school websites out there.... but sometimes those are the best ones, because it's presented with the understanding that the students are not experts.
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  11. by   DanEMT
    Just keep at it and don't let youself make it harder than it is. I got a A it can be done. As far as a scope here is my advice. When looking for motility make sure your slide and cover are really really clean, use alcohol. If you see something but it's not moving, tumbling, or showing any Brownian movement re focus. I had to work at this but I found it was usually a little deeper than that dust your looking at, use the fine adj. knob. Good luck