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  1. nurse-to-be1000

    Patho Course online?

    I was interested in taking a class through excelsior but it says in order to take one of the classes you have to be an LVN or EMT or corpsman. Has anyone taken any of these classes without these pre-reqs? I have done some clinicals but not enough to qualify. I wanted to take pharmacology since my program puts you in a graduate class knowing you have no background. Ideas about other online classes or self-study guided class would also be helpful.
  2. nurse-to-be1000

    urinalysis: WBCs, RBCs, urobilinogen, EU

    Can anyone explain to me how you can have RBC in the urine but have the test for blood come up negative? Seems sort of contradictory to me but I am probably misisng something here. Also, how concerned would you be if the lab says the normal RBC is 0-2 and you have a patient who shows up with a 3? I know different labs have different ranges which I still can't understand since I would think lab tests would be standardized. Like the post before this one gave a range of 0-4 HPF while the original post lists the RBC range as 0-2/Hpf. Do you just have to go by what the lab says is the normal range and work from there? Ie you can't compare a urinalysis done at hospital x with another urinalysis done at hospital y?
  3. nurse-to-be1000

    Chronic Illness Interview

    Hello, I am looking to interview someone for my nursing class who has a chronic illness be it heart disease, endometriosis, diabetes, cancer, or anything that has had a major impact on your life. I just have a few questions. Please PM me. Thanks.
  4. nurse-to-be1000

    Medications and Drug Classes

    Thanks. I am guessing we will be required to buy one next semester when we take pharmacology. Thank you to everyone for their suggestions.
  5. nurse-to-be1000

    Medications and Drug Classes

    Hello, Can anyone help me find a resource that notes what drug class a medication belongs to? I am trying to do a write up for clinical and was asked to provide the drug class for x medicine and I haven't been able to find a comprehensive list. I have tried doing a google search but can only find certain drugs. Also I am not certain if analgesic is really a drug class or not. I haven't taken pharmacology since that is not part of my program until next semester but I am supposed to be able to find this info for clinical. I tried looking earlier on allnurses.com through its search engine but had no luck.
  6. nurse-to-be1000

    Stress Management

    Hi MBlueRose, Some examples that come to mind are Meditation (many different kinds), Exercise, Taking Me Time. Another idea is to give people stress dots that turn color based on how warm/relaxed they are. I am not sure how accurate they are but they provide a good laugh which is also a good stress reliever.
  7. nurse-to-be1000

    Question regarding Accelrated Nurse Programs

    I have just started an Accelerated Nurse Program that is a combined BSN/MSN program. I found a list online that had the vast majority of accelerated BSN programs or BSN/MSN, but I can't find the address now. I am sure you can find a list if you Google it. The one piece of advice I have for you is to talk with people in the particular program you are looking at to find out what it is like. It is very fast paced. Good luck.
  8. nurse-to-be1000

    Abbreviations List

    Is anyone familiar with PPY in regard to tobacco use? I believe it means packs per year as in he is a 10 PPY smoker but I can't find anything online that confirms this. Also 10 packs a year sounds low.
  9. nurse-to-be1000

    Nursing Diagnoses questions

    I am just starting to use nursing diagnoses in school and we really haven't gone over them. Can someone please explain the difference between a growth and development nursing diagnoses versus a health promotion diagnoses? For children this would be easier for me but I am working with adults and it seems everything I come up with falls under health promotion. Also when writing up care plans how do you word a diagnoses so it doesn't sound like what one of the books stated since they all state the risks/defining characteristics in pretty much the same way. I really appreciate allnurses.com although I am not on here as much as I used to be due to school.
  10. nurse-to-be1000

    Nursing student looking for experienced RN to interview for paper

    Like Yasmine, I also have a paper to write that deals with the decision to become a nurse. If the great nurses who have already responde to Yasmine don't mind my contacting one of them I would appreciate it. My paper isn't due for a month or so so I am just starting to formulate my questions.
  11. nurse-to-be1000

    Concerns about school/clinical

    Thanks Baptized by Fire. Well, my first day was easy since we just did paperwork. I mentioned my ankle instability just that to my clinical instructor just so she would know and she wanted to know how I thought I would be a nurse. I am tired of everyone questioning me about this factor because it is only increasing my doubts (the knowledge that others with physical issues have survived before me is what keeps me going). I took a cab to the hospital this morning and walked home this afternoon (its about a mile) but I don't think I will always be able to walk home since my ankle is hurting from the walk and we didn't walk around at all today in clinical. Well, I need to go get ready for class. Thanks for being there.
  12. nurse-to-be1000

    Concerns about school/clinical

    I start my first clinical tomorrow and I am stressed about getting to it. I was originally planning to drive but if I drive it will cost me $30 each day and I am in clinical 2x a week. I was planning to drive due to ankle pain and stability and so I wouldn't wear it out before clinical but I don't think I can afford to pay $60 a week or more when we go to clinical twice a week. I called the hospital to find out if there is a discount for people with disabilities but there isn't. If I was a patient I would pay only $12. I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and walk tomorrow and if I am in pain by clinical I will have to grin and bear. I just took some aleve to try and stay ahead of it. Any advice?
  13. nurse-to-be1000

    Concerns about school/clinical

    I am a new nursing student in western MA who has had ankle problems all my life where I now have a brace I wear. My concern is that I am having lots more ankle pain than I did when I first applied to nursing school and I am concerned about getting through clinicals and getting to classes on time. Two of my classes have a five minute window and two others have a fifteen minute window between them. I am trying to console myself that others may have trouble since we are a group that all takes the same classes and if anyone has to go pee (I know nurses don't do that so why not start training as a student) or stay and ask a question that they won't make it on time. I spoke with the disability center and we looked at parking and for the most part it looks ok but I never thought to look at the passing time between classes and the proximity of the buildings to each other. I think I am stuck this semester since they say they need a few weeks heads up to change classrooms (I realize one of them can't be changed due to lab). When I first spoke with disabilities services they assumed my classes would all be in the same building or cluster of buildings so I wasn't concerned. Also I figure nurses are expected to walk a lot so how am I going to survive clinicals? How do others deal with mobility issues especially starting out? I hate asking for assistance but have learned to do that with other problems. Should I give up my dream of nursing? I have spent 3 years doing the prereqs at night to get this far. I have seen two nursing assistants at my local hospital who have gait issues (so I know it can be done at least at that level and particular hospital) but never got up the nerve to ask them about how it affected there ability to get the job done. My goal is to become an NP. Thanks ahead of time.
  14. nurse-to-be1000

    Financial aid

    Can someone perhaps help me with the fin aid maze? I have been given a Stafford loan and need to select a lender. I wanted to use one that my school doesn't have on their standard list but they approved the bank. I went to the bank's website and keep getting these other lenders or are they possibly noting guarranteors? I want to go this taken care of espcially since it looks like it can take a month turn around from the time you submit the form to when you get the money. They just sent the information on Aug 1 and I have been trying to complete the lender info with no luck. I am regretting that I wanted to go with a lender not on the school's normal list but I wanted to have my stafford loan through the same bank I have my mortgage and they sounded like they had a good deal.
  15. nurse-to-be1000

    Pink Eye

    I am hoping someone can help answer some questions about pink eye. I was seen by a PA today and told I have pink eye but he doesn't know if it is bacterial or viral. How can you tell if the type of pink eye someone has is bacterial or viral? I was given antibiotic eye drops which leads me to think he is leaning more towards bacterial but wasn't told how soon I should notice them working. I didn't think to ask but is it okay to go to work (I work in a non-healthcare setting) before I have been on the eye drops 24 hours? I have read a few things that say no but neither the PA or nurse said anything. My boss will probably be mad as can be if I call in sick since I only have 1 week left before I leave my job to go back to school. I worked today because I didn't realize it was pink eye; I assumed it was allergies but should have known it was something else since my right eye is pink and swollen while my left looks fine. Also, when will it be okay to work in a healthcare setting-I do some volunteer work? Frustrating when you come up with these qestions after you see the PA/doctor/NP. Thanks.