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I start the nursing program at a community college in January and our school only designated that our uniforms be white! I cannot find any professional white uniforms except for a few styles. Does... Read More

  1. by   Achoo!
    We get to wear white pants, but whatever scrub top we want within reason. No caricatures or writing or anything. Plain and simple but colored and whatnot.
  2. by   porcelina22
    I can't believe those are REAL uniforms that REAL students wear RIGHT NOW. We get to wear hunter green Barco scrub tops with white scrub pants (any style) or a white skirt. (Who would wear a skirt with a scrub top though?) I thought we were bad...dark green looks bad on almost everyone! I'll thank myself every day for picking the right school. :chuckle

  3. by   gauge14iv
    Thank goodness they don't make all students across the country wear a stock "student" uniform. You know - like all prisoners wear bright what color WOULD all students wear if all students had to wear one color? Starting to sound like a wood chuck chuckin wood!
  4. by   LIZ1128
    Quote from bonemarrowrn
    okay, i found what my students (and i, as a student) wear. sorry guys, i think we have you beat in the hideous department.

    fortunately (or not?), they get to wear white pants. they actually call that thing a bib!!!

    lol that is so funny that you found that ugly uniform. that is exactly the one i am tortured with wearing every saturday as i go to clinical. but its only a few more weeks for me and then i can burn it lol
  5. by   NJNursing
    We have these ugly white pants with pleating around the waist, elastic waist and this extra fabric down the front of the leg to make it look more "pressed" look, white polo shirts and duster length lab coats. We had to put the college patches on our shirts and lab coats ourselves. and the pants and shirts are more see-through than we'd like them to be. However, with the current fall class, they've adopted a new uniform of hunter green cargo pants and this white short sleeved, button down smock. It's ugly.

    However, we've been told that we can go to the new green pants if we'd like to and I did buy a pair, but none of my other clinical-mates have gotten them and I don't want to be the lone weirdo, lol.
  6. by   skyyhiflygirl
    A little pricey on a nursing school budget but Aviator Scrubs are WONDERFUL. They have a shop in California and they sell online. Great pockets to hold everything and the material is very heavy. They do come in white and they do custom sizing if you need it.

    Our nursing school uses these (In Wine color) and after I tried them out I bought me a couple sets for work.
  7. by   MMARN
    THIS IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST THREADS EVER!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! The bib thing killed me!