Now what?? Big Life changes for me...

  1. This past year has been tough on me. I was married and just recovered from brain surgery and going to my local community college for my RN. Where I was going to school you had to finish all your pre-recs and then take the Nelson/Denny entrance test. I finished all my pre-recs and passed the entrance exam and my marrige fell apart. (I have no kids luckily) My Dad said move back home (2 hours away) because new jobs and schools can be found. It took me a month to replace my CNA hospital job which I now make more money (probably as much as an LPN would make sence I've been a CNA for 10 years) than the last hospital job and my new medical insurance has started. So I'm all good in the job department again. So at my new hospital job I've gotten re-united with other techs I worked with 10 years ago when I just started out before I was married. Except they are nurses now and I'm still a tech. Pretty depressing. And now that I've moved to this county I'm in the only county in Illinois where the community college has no nursing program! I feel like I'm in hell. The community college here has joint agreements with other colleges but you fight other Mchenry county students for less than 10 spots at each of these colleges. I met with a counsler at my local college and she asked me why I even want to bother to go on. I was so angry. I said because I think of how many 8am AnatomyI and AnatomyII classes I got up for after working a 3-11pm shift at the hospital and no way was I kissing that hard earned work goodbye. My community college is staring an LPN program this fall and it looks like I'll be able to easily get a spot. I just might do that to start. All the other schools are a 45+ minute drive that I'm not looking forward to if I could even get a spot. I figure if I get the LPN (which won't even help me pay wise and they don't really hire LPN's here) I'll just apply for the last year of an RN school and getting a spot 2nd year will be much easier. I'm just depressed and overwhelmed with what I should do now. And after 10 years I'm really burnt out as a CNA.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'm not sure where McHenry County is, but it seems that if you get your LPN, you could then move closer to another school in another county and finish your RN...I live near Peoria - if I can help, PM me. Good luck...
  4. by   UM Review RN
    Wishing you all the best, Reesa, the profession needs fighters like you. Just keep at it, it'll happen.
  5. by   renerian
    First of all congrats to you for surviving 2004. This was a terrible year for alot of people.

    If I were you I would go for the LPN degree and move forward. My son and DIL are in LPN school as there was no wait for that program but there was a 3 year waiting list for RN openings. After their LPN is done they can enter the 1 plus 1 program immediately.


  6. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    What they said.

    If half the people in the world had the kind of guts and spine you have, it would be a better place.

    That counselor should be shot. (This is NOT a suggestion! :chuckle )

    If going home to live and work and go to school feels right, then that makes sense. But if it might undermine what you want to do, we are behind you doing what feels right for you.

    After what you have been through, nursing school will be anticlimactic.

    Good luck! And keep us posted!
  7. by   SusanJean

    You have overcome so much to get where you are. I have never been too impressed by cc counselors! Honestly! Do not put any stock in what this one has told you!! Go for it, even if it means moving, at a later date....
    I do know where McHenry co. is, and there are other counties close by w/ programs...
    Also, Rockford has some private programs. Do not overlook those...there is substantial scholarship money don't know until you try, right??
    Let us know how all comes out.
  8. by   renerian
    I spit my coffee out my nose when I read your shoot the counselor. I remembered starting nursing school and my counselor told me I would never make it as I had been out of school for 8 years. I did..........go and show em.

  9. by   shortsteph12
    As the others have suggested go for the LPN. Then you can get into the program at another college. I know that ECC has a huge waiting list to get in but there should be spots available further up. I go to Waubonsee which I know is not close to you but, I was able to get in right away. We started with 27 and now I have a semester to go and we are down to 11. Good luck to you and don't give up!
  10. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Quote from renerian
    I spit my coffee out my nose when I read your shoot the counselor. I remembered starting nursing school and my counselor told me I would never make it as I had been out of school for 8 years. I did..........go and show em.

    What an image! LOL

    I figure I can be critical since I am a counselor type as well. Some of my peers should never have been let out of the womb. Real damage doers.

    Now you can try the coffee again, renerian. Sounds good.

    Ummmmm...... back in a few. (Sorry for the hijacking, just had to follow this up.)

    Ahem--OP, just because a counselor tells you something doesn't mean there's anything to what they say. I'm sorry that this creep (and that's the nice way to say what I mean about his/her competence) is the one you came across when you needed help. Don't give up on nursing, but also don't give up on finding someone to help you along the way. You've had a lot going on, and there's not a thing wrong (and everything right) with getting some objective outside support.

    Check with your local community mental health agency, or if you have a college or university nearby which also has a counseling program, they are usually very reasonable. You would be getting a supervised student, but that student will sure undertand the pressures of school.

    Don't give up!!!
  11. by   rnmi2004
    Reesa--it sounds like you're doing a great job taking action on the setbacks you've suffered, instead of sitting around & saying "poor me." It sounds like you got a bum counselor--just ignore her. Why is she a college counselor if she is going to be discouraging people from furthering their education?

    If starting the LPN program is what you want to do, then I say go for it. You will gain valuable experience that will be an asset as you further your education.

    However, if you don't want to go that route, don't give up exploring options for getting an RN degree. You mentioned the other schools are a 45+ minute drive. Many students at the CC I went to drove at least that far, & they took the time to listen to lectures they'd recorded. You might be able to find someone to car pool with. Also, consider that, no matter which college you attend, much of your time will be spent at clinicals, not at the college, so your drive may be longer or shorter, depending on what facilities you're assigned to. Since you're making more $$ now, would it be possible to move to an area closer to the colleges that have a nursing program, perhaps finding a roommate?

    Good luck with everything.
  12. by   donsterRN
    Hi Reesa,

    I don't have anything else to add, but it sounds like you've got some great advice here, and I believe your spirit and determination will get you however far you want to go. I wish you much good luck and success! Be well.