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  1. Hello, I am new to this site and wanted to say hello. I am 36, mother to 3 great sons and very happily married. I am in my third year (soon to be 2nd semester) of a four-year BSN program. I love all the posts! Reading about what everyone else is going through is so helpful. Good luck to everyone next semester!
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  3. by   PennyLane
    Welcome to the board! I'm finishing up my pre-reqs, and will start a BSN program either in June or Sept. 2003. This site rocks!
  4. by   RN always
    yes this site does rock. Welcome to!
    Good luck in school! We need more nurses!
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    Hello and Welcome!
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    You will soon become addicted.....

  7. by   nursing 101
    welcome to this site!
  8. by   2banurse
    Originally posted by emily_mom

    You will soon become addicted.....

    So true, so true!!!!
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    Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay with all of us!
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    welcome aboard and much success to you in school.
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    Hello and welcome.
  13. by   Yellow Rose RN
    Welcome... I, too am new. A single mom of 5 and entering my 3rd semester of a 2 year ADN program.....
    Good luck to all and happy holidays!
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    Welcome to the board I'm also married and have 3 boys! Makes going to school interesting, huh? Glad you decided to join in