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Well not really new I have been reading messages for a while but finally decided to sign up so I could post just checking it out and wanted to say HI! :clown: 2nd sem ADN student in Texas... Read More

  1. by   rnnurse2be
    Helllllllllooooooo and welcome to the best Nursing Board Ever Created~!

    You'll love this site, the people are friendly and helpful..

  2. by   Mariannsi
    I'm new too!!! Welcome aboard - I really enjoy this site.

  3. by   Roxie187
    I am as fairly new and I love it. Welcome and enjoy. Very infomative!
  4. by   fitgirl0470
    just wanted to say welcome, I am new here too!! Love this board....

    just starting with my pre-reqs this september

  5. by   tmarie75
    welcome.!! i'm new too. as they say though, the more the merrier!!!!
  6. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Welcome, I'm a 2nd semester ADN Student myself!!
  7. by   KevinN
    Hey Trucker2NRS,

    So you finally decided to join this board. Great! It's about time.
    That is a good screen name for you and it is a lot more creative than the one I chose.
    Don't forget about this Friday morning at Mountain View. I will see you then.
  8. by   foreverhope
    I read messages for a long time also!!
    A little scared to post at first!!
    Welcome and good luck in school!!
  9. by   Noney
    10 4 GOOD BUDDY

    Over and out
    I couln't resist
  10. by   bob007cat
  11. by   Paleobug
    Hello, I'm new here too. When I was a kid, I remember going the hospitals where my parents worked.
  12. by   Martibear
    Hello! I'm new to the board too & also in my second year in the ADN program!! Just wanted to say "hi" & wish ya luck!