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Hi ! My wife and I are both starting our first semester monday! I'm a new college student and am a little shocked by the price of education! If it were'nt for my GI bill I don't think we could pay... Read More

  1. by   hotdog19d
    I wish I could go that route. Its my understanding they have already purchased all of our books for us.
  2. by   SkanauxRN2009
    Quote from hotdog19d
    I wish I could go that route. Its my understanding they have already purchased all of our books for us.
    Well that cancels out my idea. I didn't know they did it that way. Usually I email the teacher I am going to have and ask what books are required for the class. They in turn send the ISBN number and the rest is history. Hang in there.
  3. by   twinmommy+2
    Oh wow, my tuition is much less than that. I may pay out about $2000 to $2500 for every last thing during any one of my nursing semesters. And I am in an ADN program for RN nursing.
  4. by   twinmommy+2
    OH yeah, and I didn't have to wait any time after I had my prereqs done. I started up nursing school the very next semester (our program is GPA based to get in thankfully and not a wait list). Plus I also have the GI bill and it is a LIFE SAVER!!!
  5. by   truern
    Whew!! Thanks goodness for my ADN program at community college in NC!! My expenses are no where *near* that!!

    I think even if I added all the extras I buy (care plan books, study guides, NCLEX reviews, etc) AND my stethoscope, shoes, support socks, etc I wouldn't even come close.
  6. by   r_janice
    Quote from Future_RN_Jess
    Thanks for the reassurance, I needed it. Any comment I have ever gotten it.....I payed such and such for mine etc. Yeah, wish I lived there too. LOL!
    Im paying $21,000 (not including pre-reqs) to get a diploma in nursing at a 3-year private school that I had to choose becasue it was the only night program around (oh and I get a associatess in science from the community college when I finish the program)
  7. by   r_janice
    Quote from BSNin05
    Number of years the local community college told me I had to wait before starting their program: 5
    Number of years it took for them to tell me they had a spot available: 3
    Number of years my current program is: 2.5
    Number of semesters left: 1
    Difference in price between the local community college and my current program: too much
    Coming onto allnurses and realizing that I'm not the only one crazy enough to pay such an obcene amount of money for a degree: PRICELESS