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Hi all, I was just thinking that the other thread for those of us over 35 was getting a bit long so I figured it would be a good idea to start a new one. We may get even more people to join in if... Read More

  1. by   suzy253
    I'm definitely over 35! I'm 49 and will be 50 when I start nursing school this fall. I've always wanted to do this and am very excited (and anxious at the same time). I'm entering a diploma program that is rated quite high and it has heavy clinical experience--hands on! Best wishes to all of you and I'm so glad to have this board! I'm addicted!
  2. by   niteshiftnurse
    Over 50 and not sure if I like
  3. by   Shae
    Hi! Temporarily 35 here....LOL. Will be 36 in July. I am studying at home for my ADN-RN through Rue and Excelsior. I hope to one day obtain my PA. I have 2 sons ages 7 and soon to be 13. Hope to chat with you all.
    Best wishes!
  4. by   nursebucky
    I will be 34 in October...Can I still hang out all of you? please...

    I start (ADN) RN program in the Fall.
  5. by   boopchick
    Hi everyone! 36 y.o. single mom here. Working as an LPN and starting the ADN program in September. I just started a summer microbiology class last night. Really wanted to take the summer off from school but it's my last prereq and when I start in the fall I'll be glad to have it over with I'm sure! I've been an LPN for 8 years and finally decided to go back. I'll be graduating in spring 2005....same time my daughter will be graduating from high school.
  6. by   boopchick
    Originally posted by nursebucky
    I will be 34 in October...Can I still hang out all of you? please...

    I start (ADN) RN program in the Fall.
    Anytime NurseBucky!!!
  7. by   LoriB
    Nurse Bucky: absolutely!

    Boopchick: I'll be graduating (from an accelerated BSN program) Spring 2005 when my son graduates high school also!
  8. by   H ynnoD
    Told my wife I was 29 for so long she didn't know how old I really was..Ha Ha!Will be 41 next month.Didn't have a hard time with 40 till I had to write it on some form,then It was like wow! time sure does fly
  9. by   Mkue
    Time sure does fly ! You said it It's great to know there are so many over 35 students here !
  10. by   HannasMom
    I'm 51, a mother of three grown sons, 31, 22, and 17. Hanna is my female, 2 year old Pomeranian. She is my little girl. I am newly married to a great man! He's 57, but I continue to tell people he is 56, mental block... This summer I'm taking the LPN re-entry program, I have been away from nursing for awhile. Then I plan to go back to college part-time to work on the rest of the pre-requisites to enter the BSN program, at OHSU. I hope to work at the VA Medical Center, after I complete the re-entry program. I did one of my clinicals at a VA in Washington and loved it! Good luck to all.
  11. by   cwazycwissyRN
    I was 35 and pregnant when I graduated with my LPN. And I lived through it I was 38 when I went back for my RN. I am now 47 and do not regret one of those blood sweating tears I shed to get here. I still love nursing
  12. by   mumhuff
    Hello everyone!
    I guess I'm second to the oldest on this site. I hope to be able to get hired by the time I graduate in two years when I'll be 50!

    Geeze oh man, it is a scarry process for me. I'm the mother of two wonderful sons, Erik is 23 and will be a senior at IUP, Mike just graduated from high school last night and will be a freshman at same college. Then there is me..48 and just finished my 1st year in a 3 year ADN program at a community college. I wish I would of done this 30 years ago! I also am the caregiver for my 89 yr. old mother who has lived with us for the past 7 years. I need to find someone to stay with her when I start clinicals this August.

    Anyway, I'm glad that I'll have all of you for support when I get stressed (which is alot!) looking forward to chatting with you and making new friends.:chuckle
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  13. by   TMPaul
    Hello. A 43 y/o Nurse Practitioner just wallowing through my PhD in Holistic Health Sciences.