NET anyone taken it?

  1. Hello to everyone!! I took the Net today. I feel great about the Math, but I didn't finish the Reading. I was wondering if the test is given everywhere on the computer, I would much rather have a booklet.
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  3. by   Maura
    I took the NET in June on the computer. Did you get to see your test results? I was able to view my results as soon as I finished. Don't worry about not finishing the reading section. I read in the study guide that the reading section was not written to be finished. I'm sure you did great!

  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by alie
    hello to everyone!! i took the net today. i feel great about the math, but i didn't finish the reading. i was wondering if the test is given everywhere on the computer, i would much rather have a booklet.
    welcome, alie! i took the "net" exam in may. you pass on the number you get correct, but i did finish both the math and the reading sections. no, we did not take it via the computer. let us know how you did! keep the faith!
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    maura, welcome and all the best to you!
  6. by   hobbes
    Okay I'll brandish my ignorance - what is the NET?
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by hobbes
    okay i'll brandish my ignorance - what is the net?
    i promise you, it is not ignorance on your part and besides, if one does not know, ask. nurse entrance test.
  8. by   GPatty
    What kind of Math was there? I still need to take it, and that's my "bad" subject.
  9. by   Roland
    I took the NET in June and got my results last week. I scored a 90 on the Math and 78 on the Reading for an average of 84. There is a ton of percentage, ratio, and fractions on the test. In my program, you must get a 60% to pass. The nursing program director who administered the test said they have a 50-60 percent fail rate. Also on average the LPN programs average admittance is 2.7GPA and 65% on the NET and the ASN is 3.0 GPA and 70% on the NET.
  10. by   Alie
    Math is so not one nof my strong points either. There are a lot of fractions, decimals, percentage, a few adding, subtracing and divisionand a few very basic algebra. The study guide that is available helped me a lot.

    I'm just upset because I felt like I could have done a lot better (don't even know what my score is yet, could be two weeks before I find out. I know someone that got their's in 1 week).
  11. by   shunda
    I have to take the DET(Diagonistic Entrance Test) November 7 in Mobile, Al at one of the colleges there. I am anxious too. I do not know how they administer their test either but I hope it is via booklet. I also have to go and take the NLN test at another school and I am not that familiar with that entrance exam either.
    I also have to take the NET at a school in Florida. I am taking all of these tests because I am hoping to get into one of these nursing schools in January 2003.
    Shunda Harris
  12. by   carlalogan
    There is a study guide you can order for the NET that was extremely helpful...especially with the math portion of the test. I studied it and made a 99% and it's been years since i took math in school. The publisher is Educational Resources, Inc. and they make the NET test. i ordered it from the web...cannot remember the exact address but maybe or something like that.
  13. by   2amigos
    Well, I'm glad someone else asked what the NET was and thank you for the answer. I sure didn't know. I am taking my prerequistes and hope to enter the ASN program fall of 2003, so when do you take the NET? I'm thankful that ya'll posted the info, I didn't know I about this one at all. Not the kind of surprise I'd
  14. by   Carleigh
    I had only a 2 day notice before taking the NET, didn't realize it was required. It wasn't too bad just long. The Math was the hardest. We had to pass with a high score in order to be considered for admission. Not all schools require this. Some use the NLN(National League of Nursing) test which, I understand, is more difficult. Check with your school so you can review ahead of time.