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Hi all!!! Is anyone out there applying for the Nurse Education Loan Repayment for 2011..I came across the thread for 2010 but was just looking for some additional support...ahhhh!!!!!!!! Its so... Read More

  1. by   goingcrazy here
    Yes the ACS and AES loans are approved that is who i have the majority of my loans with and i was awarded aug 2011
  2. by   silvermoondust45
    I have applied for the HRSA loan repayment this year and have been reading old posts to find some information about the process. I am thankful I have found your post with such great information! I am still confused about some things though. For example, on the website it says the application will receive an initial ranking for purposes of the funding preference tiers. The person I spoke with said that the reviews began immediately after submission for those who qualify first with the highest debt/income ratio working at a qualified facility and he did not see an initial ranking of my application. Since my application review has not began yet nor has my application been ranked, should I consider that it probably isn't going to be? My ratio is 1.16 In one of the postings on this site a poster said that federal VA nurses never receive the award, is that true? Sorry to ask so many questions, just trying to figure out if I will probably not be qualified before waiting 7-8 months to find out. But at the same time, I don't want to mess anything up in case I do qualify! I feel guilty to even have applied but life has unexpected changes and am thankful for the opportunity to at least have applied for assistance.

    Again, thank you for all of your wonderful posts!
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  3. by   goingcrazy here
    is anyone applying for a continuation contract?
  4. by   tessRN86
    I plan to!
  5. by   goingcrazy here
    I think they are working on our continuation contracts. I checked my portal today and saw that under my supporting documents there are links for "excluded party list" and "credit report" im assuming they are starting to check our stuff. YAY i hope i am lucky one more time this has been a true blessing. so check your supporting documents under portal
  6. by   tessRN86
    I noticed today that I have the same documents! And also an excel spreadsheet "proof of additional payments"??? I feel like the continuation contract is much less talked about, so I'm anxious not knowing what to expect!

    Good luck to you! Keep me posted on anything new you hear!
  7. by   tessRN86
    Hey goingcrazy here, I just checked my portal and noticed that under supporting documents, I have my award letter! You should go check yours!
  8. by   goingcrazy here
    Nothing yet did they send an email to let u know? Hopefully i will get an award letter. I didnt have the addtnl payment attachment. i know they verified my license last fri so hopefully ill hear good news soon. Thanks for the update
  9. by   tessRN86
    No email. I'm pretty sure it's not official yet. There is no signed contract or anything. I just found the award letter in the supporting documents with everything else... because I have been stalking the portal. How did you know they verified your license?
    Good luck! I hope you hear good news soon too!
  10. by   goingcrazy here
    i found the award letter and the payment worksheet today YAY They called me to verify it they couldnt find one under the town i live in so i had to give them my actual license number so they could manually pull it up.
  11. by   tessRN86