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I have a Math med exam next week and I have already failed 2 times. We are only allowed 1 wrong! If I dont pass this final chance I get kicked out of the Nursing program! I have been crying NON... Read More

  1. by   Genista
    Agree with above posts. The more you practice, the more confident you will become. You CAN do this. Take a break if you are overwhelmed!

    This is a helpful website:

    The more practice problems you do, the easier it gets. Just like anything...

    Good Luck! I KNOW you are going to make it this time
  2. by   RNinRubySlippers
    All I can sy is THANK YOU so much for all of these suggestions and wonderful support! You guys made me feel ALOT better. I was so upset I made myself sick! I have a terrible stress cold now!
    I practised today and I will do some tomorrow and Sunday and Monday and on Tuesday I will find out when I re write. To write and PASS! Thanks again to all of you! May your kindness come back to all of you when in need of anything!
  3. by   Angelica
    I have always had TERRIBLE test anxiety. It has gotten worse since I started the nursing program. No matter how long and hard I studied, I would feel extreme anxiety (knowing full well I was not helping matters). Now when I am driving to school to take an exam, I mentally review all of my blessings in a ritualistic and methodical manner. I say to myself "My family is healthy", "My family is happy (most of the time)" "If I fail this test and get kicked out of the program I will still have these positive things in my life. My family will still love me and I will get over it". I still have anxiety, but it helps me a little to put things into perspective.
  4. by   prmenrs
    You've gotten some good tips, you absolutely CAN DO THIS!!! Write the above phrase on an index card, tape it to your mirror.

    You go, girl!!

    And let us know how you do, OK? We're cheerin' for you, Bex!!
  5. by   paula77720
    hi bea,

    in every school there is a program for students with disability. This encompasses physical and mental disability. Stress anxiety which falls under generalized anxiety disorder can allow you to have certain privileges to include taking the test in the disability office on your own or having extra time. i havent heard about this not until last semester when i took med surg and failed. I havent experienced test anxiety in my life and last sem was a big shock. Just like you said, i knew the material inside and out, i even know things my classmates haven't head of and can explain everything in class but come testing day and my mind went blank. I simply could not think and i feel like i have a brain of a 5 year old the way i answered all the questions. Then after the test and you start saying to yourself, why did i answer that? Its really freaky!!! You simply cant explain why you are behaving like that. That cost me my semester coz i withdrew from Med surg. Im telling you, i was so upset and cried a bucket of tears. later, i went to a Doctor and he explained test anxiety disorders, gave me letter for submission to the teacher and the next subject i had i took my exam outside the classroom and true enough i was back my own mind again -- i was on top of my class last semester.

    There are other avenues to explore and you have to do it. Later on, as you build up your confidence in your test taking skills then you can always go back to the classroom. Remember, youre doing this to yourself and no one can help you except yourself. Dont forget your prayers too....

  6. by   ava'smomRN
    don't cry i know how you feel and i didnt even get to the really difficult stuff. if youknow youcan do it DON'T STRESS i woulndt even worry as long as youknow the stuff walk in there and ace it
    i know youcan
    good luck
  7. by   RNinRubySlippers
    Thanks gang! I appriciate you taking time out to help a fellow nursing student in need! Update is...I reweite in 4 weeks! They said to do it after my clinical rotation! So I will keep you updated! Thanks again! xoxoxo!