My professer has a bad attitude

  1. I have got to test out of this class before he finds a way for me to fail. He wrote in his syllibus that if we don't get below a 90% on our test we don't have to come to class. I haven't gotten below a 90% but he is mad because I come to class to get back my test and leave. I don't wait there because I will be late to my other class if I stay the hole time. Why stay there if you don't have to?
    I need out of there.
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  3. by   Mkue
    What class is it?
  4. by   Jennerizer
    You have two classes right around the same time?
  5. by   New CCU RN
    I am a little confused myself. Please explain more.
  6. by   gordi24
    This is my Math class. And yes I have one class the Math class that ends at 4:15 and the other one starts at 4:15 and I have to walk a ways to get to the other one.
    The only thing bad about testing out of this class is that I have to go through him to do it.
  7. by   New CCU RN
    I am just it too late to test out of this class? Just wondering with the semester already about a month in...about. Or maybe you can just explain your situation to both professors and ask them what you can do?
  8. by   delirium
    If he says you don't have to go to class, don't go. Just pick up/drop off the test and leave. Better yet, ask him to leave it for you in the campus testing center and then you won't have to see him at all.

    It is certainly incongruent (and passive-aggressive) to say you don't have to stay and then get 'mad' when you leave. If I were you, I'd call him on it. But then I'm a bytch.
  9. by   essarge
    We had a class like that. It was med calculations. If we passed the initial exam, we didn't have to come to class for the first three weeks, but most came anyway. If this is a basic math course, I would highly suggest that you attend and make arrangements with your other instructor to be a few minutes late. Math is very, very, important in nursing and if this instructor is already upset with you, I wouldnt push too hard. It may keep you from progressing.
  10. by   renerian
    My son had a professor like that. He told them that as well. I would show him your schedule and maybe the other professor will let you come a few minutes late. Seems like an odd thing to say to a student but I know it happens. My other stepson had a professor who said that, my stepson did not go to many classes and ended up failing in the long run.

  11. by   delirium
    I must be the exception. I had a prof who said I didn't need to come to class, I didn't go to class, got an A.
  12. by   llg
    While he may have a bad attitude (and you didn't explain what was so bad about his attitude, so I have no way of knowing that for sure), you seem to be aggravating the situation by insulting him on a regular basis. To walk in, pick up the test, and then immediately leave is insulting to him -- and I can't say that I blame him for that. He's put some effort into plannning the class and your attitude may be saying to him, "I don't think your class is worth my valuable time."

    My recommendation is to meet with him, show him your schedule, and explain your situation. Ask him how he would prefer you handle it. Say that you don't mean to offend him by picking up your test and then leaving immediately, but you hesitated to disrupt class by leaving early. This shows that you value his class and the effort he is making to teach it. ... But you have this schedule problem you need to deal with ...

    By the way ... Why did you schedule yourself to these 2 classes at these times. Anyone can see that you could not possibly attend both. What would you do if you weren't getting good grades and couldn't miss class? Was it really necessary to schedule yourself that way? If so, perhaps that should be brought to your school's attention so that they don't continue to schedule classes "back-to-back" like that with no "travel time" in between.

  13. by   gordi24
    My nursing advisor scheduled them that way because I had to take both of them this semester and the times was already picked over by the upper classmen. They get first choice of the times and classes they want to take.
  14. by   essarge
    What is your other class?