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Every time I have a conversation with my best friend or her family about any nursing aspect or my job as a nursing assistant in med-surg (we obviously all know what my job duties are) all she ever... Read More

  1. by   zombazomba
    Hi all, does any one know about pending meaning for nursing admission? I got a message from sfsu nursing department says pending admission!
  2. by   caliotter3
    Many of my client families in extended care home health refer to me as the babysitter or treat me as if I am only there to change soiled diapers. If I took umbrage at this all the time, I would never work. I don't get into arguments with them or even entertain the conversation, I keep my mouth shut and do my job. If you don't feel like engaging your friend when she does this to you, then just clam up at the point she makes the conversation about her and her inability to wipe posteriors. Sooner or later you should be pointed enough to make an impression upon her. When she makes the necessary remark, say something like, "I really don't like it whenever I say something about my day at work, you change the subject to how you don't care to take care of another person's basic needs." Then, take it from there. Better yet, start avoiding her. Since you mention needing support, seek friends who provide that support.
  3. by   caliotter3
    Quote from zombazomba
    Hi all, does any one know about pending meaning for nursing admission? I got a message from sfsu nursing department says pending admission!
    Have you called the department to ask what they mean?
  4. by   CaffinatedInCarolina
    Wanting to do something (PA school) and actually doing that thing are not the same. It may be envy that you can do those things whereas she feels less than capable, or maybe that this is evidence of you making strides toward your goal where perhaps she is not?

    My best advice is to just let those type of comments roll off of you and change the subject.
  5. by   Wuzzie
    You need nicer friends.
  6. by   PudgeMC
    Don't PA's spend a little bit of their time in a cadaver lab while in school? That sounds a bit worse than a little bit of incontinence to me.
  7. by   OrganizedChaos
    I'm more confused why you would waste time going to school for nursing then medical school. I'm also confused as to why she wants to be a PA.
  8. by   inthecosmos
    You do you. Don't worry about anyone else.
  9. by   katyq82
    Nope, she can't handle it but luckily you can! Yes patient care is an important part of nursing and I think it is sad that it is so degraded. You could say something to the effect of it being actually an honor to help someone through what might be the most difficult moments of their life and whether that is giving a med or maintaining their dignity or preventing pressure ulcers you are happy to do it.

    I'm in school right now and last weekend I was giving a seriously ill patient a bed bath and she started crying, expressing her fears about her new disability and what her life was going to be like going forwards. I was truly honored to hold her hand, provide therapeutic communication and be present with her during that moment. And yes, then I cleaned her backside. Because who needs to worry about being in a dirty brief when they are dealing with those thoughts?!? She expressed that she was used to showering every day and putting lotion on her legs daily. I was so happy that I could do that for her when she couldn't do it for herself.

    I'm sure your friend has some great qualities but it is shallow to think that its all about the poop. That's on her, not you.
  10. by   maggieellis
    One day your friend might find herself having to take care of a sick or disabled loved one, and she'll see what important and honorable work it is.
  11. by   direw0lf
    I can relate sort of. I'd get offended if someone acted like all nurses do is wipe butt, get coffee and turkey sandwich, and make beds. But it offended me because I felt insecure at the time. Once you feel secure in what you will be as a nurse, it shouldn't bother you anymore because you will know what you do, and what matters are your patient outcomes not what a friend or anyone wants to think nurses do or don't do. It's too bad you can't talk about nursing to a friend but that's why in part these forums exist so come on here and talk to people who will "get you"! You could also explain to your friend what nurses learn and what they do. Actually, the education of a PA is very similar to a nursing student in their first year. Then they get to suture pig feet.

    P.S. in my preceptorship the other day, the RN was teaching the PA how to do an ABG. But don't think like "ahah nurses rock and PAs know nothing like John Snow" all the team members are vital and have roles that if they didn't do them, no one else could do theirs either.
  12. by   mindfulnursingbabe
    Thank you all <3 I appreciate it.
  13. by   mindfulnursingbabe
    Wasting my time? I'm doing quite the opposite, actually.
    -Getting my BSN in 3 years over a biology degree that will take 5
    -Minoring in Advanced Chem/Physics WHILE I'm a nursing major so by the time I graduate with my BSN I will have all pre-requisites for med-school completed
    -Taking a $2400 MCAT preparation course that is highly used by pre-med students
    -I will work as a nurse while I'm in med-school whether it's per diem or part-time and if I can handle full-time then so be it - my time will not be wasted
    -I will always have my nursing license and a job if needed

    My path is my own path, worry about your own <3