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  1. PudgeMC

    Finally Passed My DPE

    After three scores of 95% I have finally passed my DPE. Stupid mistakes killed me three times in a row. Two more classes and it'll be graduation for this student. Good luck fellow ducklings.
  2. PudgeMC

    Macbook Air or Macbook Pro for Nursing School?

    I have an Air and I don't even utilize everything it can do in nursing school. I understand the other commenters concerns about the cost, but they last longer than cheap PC's so there's that. It also runs our testing software much better than PC's do. I'd make the same decision if I had to do it over again.
  3. I also had to do this. I always picked a female patient until I was comfortable with women.
  4. I had a similar feeling during my first clinical rotation, but in reverse. I'm a male. I wasn't so freaked out about doing peri care on women, as I was always worried about their feelings about it. I learned to just grit my teeth and go for it unless they gave a clear indication that they didn't want me to complete that particular task. I've gotten much more comfortable as I've gotten more experience. This is just a part of nursing. One of my fundamentals instructors would always say, "We are always up in someone's business." It'll get better.
  5. PudgeMC

    Wearing a beard as a male nurse?

    I'm currently in an ADN program and we are allowed to wear beards as long as they are well kept. Mine is a bit shorter than yours, but I've seen guys in my cohort with longer. I would just check the dress code in the Student Nurse Handbook of the program you want.
  6. PudgeMC

    Pre-nursing classes

    My ADN program only requires Human Development. If I were to choose one of the three that you mentioned, I would take HD. It will really help with your Mother/Baby classes. My first degree was in hospitality and it required Nutrition. I thought it was a joke. It will be important in nursing school to know which foods offer certain nutrients, but it doesn't require its own course. Good Luck
  7. PudgeMC

    I failed A&P I - Need Some Advice

    In my program, you can take them concurrently with NUR courses. This is only an option if you have a prior degree. If this is your first degree (in my program), then you have to finish all prereqs before beginning NUR courses. Since you are due to finish your first degree, you would be able to get into the program that I am in provided you had all other requirements (GPA for instance.) I would like to mention that you would be at a great disadvantage not having A&P under your belt. The systems and how they interact will be important right from the very beginning.
  8. PudgeMC

    Paramedic Prior to Nursing?

    Keep in mind that some of your science prereqs can expire. You don't want to have to take all of those labs over again.
  9. PudgeMC

    Power points in nursing school? And number?

    We have 30-80 per set of slides, but have 3-5 sets per week. Most of them are "voiceover," so the author of the PPT talks during each slide. I learn by writing, so I take notes on every slide prior to class and then take additional notes during class. You can put the PPTs in the cloud and read them from your phone or iPad.
  10. PudgeMC

    Typical cellular data use in NS

    Your first semester is going to be ungodly expensive. I had titers, a new computer (I just went to the computer lab before NS), my books were about $1400 (Most of them will be used throughout the program), drug tests, background checks, etc. Your stethoscope will be the last thing your worried about.
  11. PudgeMC

    Taking A&P More Than Twice

    I third this. I made a 96% in Anatomy 2. I'm a solid B student in NUR classes. Nursing school turns A students into B students and so on.
  12. PudgeMC

    How far is your commute to clinicals?

    I commute 45-60 minutes. I live in one of the more rural suburbs though, so most of my cohort have shorter drives.

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