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I start my nursing program this January, and I'm in the process of getting prepared. I've got the uniforms, the shoes, the stethoscope, most of the books, and all of the office supplies. I'm in... Read More

  1. by   Stephalump
    I think your learning style dictates what devices are useful to you. I love my iPad. I use Notability to annotate my powerpoints and record my lectures. I have Micromedex and the iWork suite so I can study and type up assignments on the go. I'm planning on buying e-copies of all of books as well.

    I still have hard copies of everything and I do most of my note taking by hand, but my iPad is priceless for studying on the go or study group or whenever I'm too lazy to lug all of my stuff anywhere.
  2. by   ChrisMarie09
    I love my loose leaf paper and power point print outs COVERED in notes written in blue pen. An iPad would do me absolutely no good other than to distract me from class. I'm a reading/writing & kinesthetic learner (based off a learning assessment we had to do for a class this semester). It was not a surprising result for me being that I was an athlete for years and when I do things like study guides or note cards, I have to write it out rather than type.

    We get a iPod Touch next semester with a bunch of nursing software pre-loaded to use at clinical and I'm not even excited about it because I feel like walking the halls of the hospital scrolling through my iPod looks rather unprofessional and like I have ZERO idea what I'm doing.
  3. by   nurseladybug12
    I would agree with everyone that says the recorder is the best gadget. I did not ever use a recorder in my life for school, and I didn't use one my first year of nursing school, but I wish I had. I thought I remembered things a lot better after I sat down and went through my notes and listened to the lecture over again. There are a lot of different medical apps for phones that I thought looked pretty cool. There's Tabers Medical Dictionary, Davis Drug Guide, and then there's SkyScape for ipad, iphone, blackberry. It combines a bunch of different nurse resources. You probably aren't allowed to be on the phone in clinicals but if you really had to look something up quick you could without lugging all your books with you to the hospital. Some of your texts might also have come with free codes to use online and for your mobile.
  4. by   Sweeti738
    My lifesaver was the Skyscape software. Our school had it on the "suggested" list of resources. It is pretty pricy, but it is definitely worth the investment. It has Davis drug guide, Tabers, Davis Lab book, RN notes, diseases and disorders and several other books. I installed it on my smart phone and was able to use it in clinicals if I needed to quickly look something up. You can type in what you're looking for and it will pull that info from all the books. Its really nice! I never used my actual books because it was so time consuming. Hope this helps!
  5. by   echoRNC711
    The cheapest thing that you need the most is ENDURANCE . It is not the brightest that succeed but the ability to pick yourself up repeatedly that will be the marker of your success.
  6. by   Wrench Party
    I use a netbook for class; I print out the power points and write on them, and also learn by looking at the images on the computer.
    I also like having the Internet there to look up things, check email from instructors, and download files I need into my school folder.
    The smartphone concept drives me crazy, so I don't see myself getting one anytime soon.

    People in my class use all kinds of tech: Iphones, Ipads, laptops, tablets, audio recorders. Other folks are strictly book-and-note types of people. I truly believe it comes down to preference and learning styles.
  7. by   La Cubanita RN
    Hi I'm currently 1/2 way through 2nd semester and again love my app on my phone to record lectures its free by the way. In fundamentals the lectures were just way to long 4hrs at a time 3-4 days a week I would never have relistened to them. I took notes on the powrerpoints I printed. Now this semester it's all different I relisten to my lectures while going over the power points. This last tip is not at all techy but it's my best friend in school so far The Saunders NCLEX review guide 5th edition it is amazing check it out at a book store not on campus they don't have them or on amazon or eBay it is so awesome it's a great study tool. Good luck and congratulation on the 1st step towards the rest of your life
  8. by   Resanite
    Love the apps available through iPod/iPad, also have recorder to record lectures. Non-techy things I've had to buy are blood pressure cuff (which I wish I knew before since there are packages with stethoscope and cuff for less money), pen light, scissors, and a clipboard. I also am obsessed with post its, pens, highlighters, notebooks, and flashcards. I'm only in my first semester so I am sure there is lots more!
    Good Luck!
  9. by   Elladora
    Laptop for research, papers, etc. A GOOD pen and notebook for taking notes in class.

    I had a recorder, taped several lectures and never, ever listened to them. I tried once and without the visuals and the actual person standing in front of me, it was so mind-numbingly boring, I couldn't stand it.

    If you have a smartphone, there are some GREAT apps out there (I use Epocrates almost everyday a year out of nursing school) but keep in mind when it comes time for clinicals, many hospitals/nursing homes will not let you have phones on the floor. In our programs, it was grounds for dismissal from the clinical.

    Chances are you will find what works for you fairly quickly. (For example flashcards saved my life! I punched a hole in the corner of index cards, stuck them on a ring, and carried them EVERYWHERE! I was always studying something via flashcards). Some people are visual learns, some audio. Some like to highlight, some to read, some to retype notes/key points. Do what works for YOU and you alone. You are the one that has to make sense of everything and learn from it.

    Best of luck to you!
  10. by   crebs
    DEFINITELY GET A LIVESCRIBE PEN!!! It is the BEST investment I've made in school and it's much cheaper than an ipad at about $100. You take notes with ink in a special notebook that's just like a typical paper notebook, only it records as your'e writing. It's awesome because if you want to review a concept later, all you have to do is click right on the particular place in your notes that you want to review, and it will play the recording from that exact point. It is AWESOME! Highly recommended!
  11. by   Nurse2b7337
    I'm not in the nursing program yet but I love my IPad!! I am planning to get all the apps that everyone suggests. Thanks for the tips.
  12. by   manisha03
    I would say have a laptop for researching and writing papers, unless your husband doesn't go on the laptop much it might be annoying, i mean ipads are awesome b/c there so convenient...its so light and if i ever need to check something at school its there, but its not necessary ...i have some good apps that I use often like good notes, ever note, davis drug guide etc. , i dont take my laptop to school it gets distracting... just use pen and paper....if your on a budget i'd say get a laptop and just your notebooks etc, i use a lot of stickys ever type ...big ones small ones medium size, ones that tab pages, put checklist on them, tab important slides, pages etc. im just in love and a million and 1 different color highlighters its just how you study best im a visual learner...hope I made some sense and helped a little bit!
  13. by   root.user
    Quote from itsnowornever
    I am a pen/paper LOVER...I can peruse the isles for the PERFECT notebook and the PERFECT pen, it kills my husband. I prefer the cheaper 3-5 subject notebooks, college rule only and FAT pens! LOL! Those were the perfect gadgets. Highlighters were color coded and pen colors were coded also. I am not protective of my phone, but heaven help my children if they messed with my pens or highlighters! LMAO!
    Amen. I completed the first bachelor's with only using my laptop in one class (which required it). My SO just can't understand my obsession with my pens and mechanical pencil. It is good to know I am not alone in that.