Missing lots of school- Worried

  1. I am scared and worried! I literally arranged my entire past two years to ensure success once I started my dream of Nursing and was accepted for a fall start. EVERYTHING in my life I changed for this and now it is slipping out of my hands like sand!

    You see, August 30th I had to have surgery- a 2 fer- lumpectomy and cholecystectomy as an outpt. I figured a week was plenty of time to heal and be in class (Start Sept 5th)- spoke to instructors just in case and made a major effort and was there first day and trudged through. To make a long story short, I have missed five days of the first nine so far and am drowning trying to catch up. See, I was admitted to the hospital with a suspect Pulmonary Embolus (chest pain, bloody sputum) only to be put on Negative pressue/droplet precautions for possible TB for five days!! Turns out I have a 2.4cm cavitating lesion of some sort in my lung and where I was a student they assumed I had started clinicals and may have been exposed- and once they start those, they can't un-institute them until 2-3 AFB's come back negative, lab closed Sat & sunday prolonged stay. That whole event is another story in itself I tell you!! But.......

    I will be missing two more days in the next two weeks for followups and more testing, as they have ruled out TB, but not a cavitating tumor and honestly I am very scared!! PRAYING it is something aspirated during surgery!

    It is hard, because we go five days a week and the specialsts are 2 hours away and it has been impossible to do a better job scheduling the appts so far... I thought this would all be over with by now and I know there is more to come and praying it is not a tumor!!

    I get the feeling from one of my instructors that she is not impressed with me and the only thing she did was give me an chance to drop with refund if I didn't come back, didn't even say get well or anything! I did come back- two days before the docs wanted me to just so I would not miss any more time, and I swear I could feel her body language and demeanor ice over and stiffen when she came around the corner and saw me- I think she was mad I did not drop!! You know- that unspoken body language they teach us?? Well that bothers me because I am a 3.92 GPA and work my tail off and want this more than anything and NOTHING I could have done could have changed what has been happening healthwise for me and I hate that!

    Anyhow, I missed two tests- first unit and dosage calc which I said I would make up on Monday and now I am regretting ever saying that as I am still not performing 100% and it is hard just to keep up with current, never mind going back to the other chapters!!

    Do you think there is still hope that I can make this all up and be succesful in the Nursing Program?
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    this must be so hard for you, i can't even imagine. Sorry , you have to go through all of this. I don't know how your programm's regulations are for missing classes, but maybe you really need to think about your health right now. Talk to the Dean of your school , maybe they will let you get in next semester without having to go through application processes again. I wish you best of luck and I will be praying for you.
  5. by   c_loveya
    I hope you get better soon! Take good care of your health first. I'm surprised at how impersonal your instructor sounds. I really hope you manage to catch up this year but maybe you can arrange to come back the following year or something at a time when you're not under so much stress.

    Love - C
  6. by   firstyearstudent
    Why don't you make an appointment and talk to the Dean frankly about your health issues and concerns. I wouldn't be surprised if they deferred your entry for a semester or year (depending on how your program works). Is this an option for you financially and otherwise?
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    This has happened in our school. The student was able to exit with hurting her grades and return later. The fianancial aide I do not know about but talk with your advisor. If you qualified this year you should the next time.
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    I am so sorry for all of your health problems.

    I agree with the others that it would be best to speak to the Dean and request a temporary deferrment. You must focus on your health at this time.

    Prayers for a quick return to good health!
  9. by   adamsmom
    Your own health has to come first. If you are not feeling well you will have it even harder. I think you should talk to your dean and ask if you can switch everything including your payments to next semester and start fresh. You can start reading your books and getting ready, but work on gettting your health back to normal then you can concentrate on your school work.
    Good luck
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    I think I would drop this semester. And start fresh next semester.
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    It's tough. I was halfway through my training in an LPN program at a technical school years ago, when the Hong Kong flu began going around like wildfire and I caught it. I was as sick as I have ever been in my life, practically bedridden and a fever of 102-103 degrees for two weeks. My clinical instructor (who was an angel), called me at home and apologetically told me that if I missed one more day of clinical before the end of the quarter, I'd have to drop out of the program. "It's not my rule, but the State's", she added. She arranged for me to work only four hours in the stroke unit of a local hospital, in which I was assigned one patient. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, for I was as weak as a dishrag, but she watched me closely. And as soon as the clock hit 12:00 noon, she pulled me off the floor and ordered: "Go home and go back to bed. "You made it", she added, looking worried sick about me. I'll never forget what this lady did for me, for it would have been much easier for her just to have done nothing and allowed me to be kicked out of school, instead.
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    Like others have said, talk to the dean and see if you can start back fresh next semester. I am in the first semester of nursing, I cannot imagine missign so many days and be able to catch up. I am reading 8 chapters a week and I still feel sometimes, I am not up to part. I think your come first before anything. Good luck to you.
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    Thanks everyone for your replies, it is helping lift the feeling of dread off my shoulders. Luckily I have not missed any clinicals and the school has already made concessions for me since it is due to illness. I have a spectacular record at the school and am a mamber of honor society and vice president of student senate and very involved with lots of activities. I believe this is what saved me, and my instructor took a disliking to it. I can understand though, we have a small calss- only 15- and absence may become an issue for other students in the future possibly and the example I am setting is not the best by any means. I don't know if the concessions would have been made for everyone, and I am certain she does not want to have deal with this issue with someone possibly shirking class for no good reason.

    If I leave, I have to wait another year and I am not sure finances can handle that so I will do all I can to get through this rough patch and trudge on. I will have to accept my grades may suffer, but that is a minor thing compared to the alternative!!

    I may ask for more time, although that is unfair to my classmates as they can not get their tests back and discuss them until I take it. But I have to think of everything.

    We have a President, not a dean, and he is very new. I was on the comittee who chose him to lead our school! I will go and have a talk with him as soon as I can.

    All I can say is today I will study my butt off and try to be as ready as possible. That is all I can do. I suppose failing one test would not be deadly. And once it is over, I can then only concentrate on the present and the future. I think that may be my best hope. One consolation- the test is multiple choice so there is hope on guessing some, lol!

    So you know what I am up to the rest of the day!!!

    Take care all and thanks for being here! Oh and especially thanks to the naysayer- that gives me the moxie I need to prove you wrong!
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    That's a really tough spot to be in. I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this. Try talking to your school and see if they can work with you. Your health needs to come first.